MES Presidential 2016-2017 Nominations

November 29, 2015

Hello Mac Eng !

Its that time of year again, your favorite time of year! Its time for the McMaster Engineering Society’s Presidential Election!!! Nominations for the MES Presidential Election begins November 30th !

For those interested in running for MES President please submit the following forms (elected position nomination and responsibility contract) to the CRO mailbox in JHE 121. Please do note: to run for president you must be a current full-time undergraduate engineering student registered in level 3 or higher.

For those of you who are not interested in running this is just a friendly reminder to keep your eyes and ears open as candidates will start their campaigning right after winter break Jan 5th – Jan 13th. Make sure you get all of your questions answered to make an informed vote before the 13th because when voting starts candidates won’t be able to campaign anymore, that includes answering any burning questions you might still have!

There will also be an open forum Q & A session with all candidates at some point during campaign period, keep checking the MES website and the MES Facebook page to find out the date and time as to when it gets scheduled!

Dates to take note of are:

Nominations – November 30th starting at 9:00 am – December 15th ending at 9:00 am

Campaigning –  January 07 starting at 06:00 pm – January 19th ending at 6:00 PM

Voting – January 20-22

Don’t forget the results of the presidential election are announced at fireball so be sure to get your ticket!

Good luck with all your exams and don’t forget to check out the MES website and Facebook page to keep up to date with MES current events and initiatives!!!!

Questions ? Email Rahul Devnani at

Rahul Devnani

Chief Returning Officer 2015-2016
McMaster Engineering Society