MES Presidential 2016-2017 Candidates

January 10, 2016

Following the nominations, we have three candidates for the MES Presidential Election.

Campaigning starts from January 7th – January 19th. Voting will occur from Jan 20th – 22nd (Online – Will receive email with details). Result will be announced at Fireball Jan 23rd. Questions ? Email

There is a Meet & Greet style event which is open to all to come and talk to the candidates in person. We will be providing free coffee. Event will be held at JHE 328 (Graduate Lounge), Friday 15th Jan, 3 – 4 PM

Candidate 1 : Andrew Cook

I am Andrew Cook, this past year I have been the Vice-President of External Relations for the McMaster Engineering Society. Throughout my time as VPX I have helped transform provincial and federal level engineering student governments into active advocacy groups. I have also started the professional development committee with the hopes of bringing back as much content from professional development conferences as possible. I have been an active member and frequent volunteer for the McMaster Engineering Society and now have the experience and knowledge to lead it into the future.


McMaster has always been a haven of innovation and research however, it is not known as a hub for start-ups. In order to cultivate a culture of creativity and give every student an easy opportunity for experiential learning I would see a McMaster Community created on Kahoots ( Kahoots is an application which connects students to students to create project teams to develop their ideas into reality.


McMaster is a leading educational institution which produces some of the best and brightest engineers in the world. Our students need the ability to rapidly learn new skills and techniques and connect with industry mentors. I would work with both the Faculty of Engineering, the Engineering Graduate Society and Industry partners to implement industry-led case competitions McMaster Engineers.


In the past five years the MES has undergone tremendous increase in services. Many of these services are still lacking the sophistication of similar services at other schools. There are four major services which I will work to improve; the McMaster Engineering Competition, the Student Academic Assistance Program, the Professional Development Committee and the Student Wellness Committee. The improvement of these services will help student life and professional development.


One of the largest issues facing the MES is the lack of awareness of many services. I will rework the director of advertising position to ensure that any student assuming the role is a capable graphic designer. Furthermore, I will facilitate better communication between advertisement needs of our clubs and services and the director of advertising


Candidate 2 : Matthew Vukovic

Hello everyone! My name is Matt Vukovic, and I’m proud to be campaigning to be your next MES President! In my past MES experience, many of the most successful initiatives of each year’s MES team are solutions to problems that arise throughout the year; such ideas can never be envisioned by the candidates as they run and so never materialize as platform points. So although my platform contains few revolutionary ideas, if you elect me as President you will still see a slew of new services and initiatives! Just ones that you may never have expected…

— Reducing the Surplus Problem —

The MES Funding Project has been a controversial part of the past year, and I intend to adhere to the spending plans laid out this year for it. I (and probably you) also never want this to happen again, so I will create a new procedure ensure that any annual surplus is properly allocated to student-focused initiatives.

— Organizational Stability —

I will also be focusing on bringing long term stability to the MES through a more robust transition process, improved documentation and a higher level of operational transparency. I also plan to increase the responsibilities of Department Reps in order to reach a greater percentage of the MES student body. Lastly, I would like to promote the idea of MES Council meetings as open-door affairs where any member is allowed to listen in on what the MES is up to!

— Building a Brand —

Over the course of my term as President I would like to build the MES brand up to provide better recognition and outreach for our services, such as the Student Academic Assistance Program, MESCards, Drain and any and all of the events that we run. While these services may each have room to improve, I would leave that up to my Executive team to address, and focus on attacking what I believe to be the root cause of most MES “apathy”.

— Fortifying the Future —

Finally, I plan to open discussions with the Faculty and University regarding the integration and execution of the upcoming Bio-engineering and SMART engineering streams.

As it stands, the Bio-engineering program will be a mixture of Eng and Health Sci students in the first year, instead of the typical Eng 1. As such, I believe that we should do our utmost to make sure that those Engineering students in the program feel as much a part of Mac Eng as any of the other Eng 1 undergrads.

The SMART engineering stream will be a new secondary stream, to be introduced some years down the road. I would like to help lay the groundwork in structuring the stream so that it actually caters to student needs and perceptions, instead of the all-too-common scramble to collect enough courses to have the program accredited.

Overall, I will be working for all of you, and for future generations of McMaster Engineers, to help you get the most out of your 4 to 7 years!


Candidate 3 : Mitchell Kurnell

Hey Everyone! My name is Mitchell Kurnell and I want to be your MES President. As the most experienced presidential candidate, I have seen how the MES has progressed and where work still needs to be done.

Our society has made great progress over the past few years and now offers a huge range of services and events. However, they are not being done as well as they could be and that is why I want to focus on refining our currently available services to make them offer exactly what you want to get out of them. By meeting with all of the stakeholders involved in each of the programs and services offered by the MES, I will be able to work with these individuals to develop action plans as to how to fix and current pit falls in our programming.

Secondly, I want to implement the Long Term Plan for the MES which has been in development over the past two years. This plan outlines the goals and visions of our society and what we are striving to be. Through implementation of the Long Term Plan, the MES will become a more inclusive organization and we will be able to increase outreach to our student body. It is important that this document is implemented this year as the people who have been developing this document are currently in their final years of school and I fear that if this plan is not put into action this year, then the ideas held within it will disappear and future councils will go through the same development process as the past two years.

Finally, as we near completion of large scale projects for the MES and the Faculty of Engineering, such as the Hatch Centre and the Funding Project, I want to ensure that the vision held by our students is maintained through the final stages. We have invested a lot of time and money into these endeavours and I will make sure your investment is honoured.

You have the chance to determine the future of our society through these elections. I believe that I am the best candidate to continue the progress the MES has recently made. Voting will occur on January 20-22 online!