Redsuit Restructure

November 20, 2017

The MES is beginning work on restructuring the Redsuit awarding system. The goal of this restructuring is to give undergraduate engineering students recognition for their leadership and contributions to the community. Additionally, we want to enable students to represent the MES and faculty outside of Welcome Week at various events throughout the year. As it currently stands, there is no intention to alter the way Welcome Week Reps are awarded their Redsuits and the traditions involved in that process.

The first step in the restructure is to gather ideas, opinions, and expectations on how Redsuits could be awarded. This will be done through Town Hall Meetings which will take place November 7th and 23rd, and an anonymous feedback form which is embedded below. The aggregate information collected will shape the new Redsuit awarding system in the next stage.

Major points of discussion from the first Town Hall meeting can be found here: Redsuit Townhall 1 – Takeaways

Please email with any questions, comments, or concerns.