Presidential Summer Updates

June 29, 2018

We are half way through the summer!!! Our incoming first years have finished high school and started course selections, and students are right in the middle of their co-ops, and the Soccer World Cup is in full swing. Plus, in case you missed it, the MES executive is three months into their term. Which means it seems like it’s about time to give an update on the progress of my platform points.

As a quick review my platform points are:

  • Restructuring the MES
  • Appointed Position Policy Adjustment
  • MES Ombudsman
  • Redsuit Revamp
  • Publishing the Long Term Plan
  • Hatch Booking System

But make sure to check out the link above if you need a refresher on what these points entail!

Restructuring the MES, Appointed Position Policy Adjustment, and MES Ombudsman

I promised to restructure the MES by turning both the Director of Sports and the Director of Public Relations into appointed positions and the Wellness Coordinator into an Associate Vice President. Currently the directorships have unofficially been turned into coordinator positions as this change will require a vote at this fall’s Semi Annual General Meeting (SAGM). This change has been going well because of the increased accountability the coordinators have. They have already been doing great things. For instance, our Public Relations Coordinators Graeme Woods and Alex Moica started a snap chat account (macengsociety).

Turning the Wellness Coordinator into an AVP also requires a vote at SAGM. Assuming that the vote is successful, an election for the position will be held during the general election (Winter 2019).

As for creating an MES Ombudsman, and making sure that our policies are inclusive, the MES has created the MES Equity Officer position. The position is currently an Ad-Hoc position, which will also require a vote at this Fall’s SAGM to become official, but the position will be responsible for making sure that the MES’s policies are more inclusive and equitable so we can breakdown potential barriers that cause some of our members to not want to be involved. Currently the position is filled by Alexii Hernandez, who has already begun great work addressing gaps in policy, and reviewing the Long Term Plan (more on that later). She also gave a presentation on equity & inclusion to the MES’s council and our clubs & teams at our Big Team Meeting. After the presentation, leaders from these three groups were asking her for advice on how they can improve their clubs from a diversity perspective.

Redsuit Revamp

In terms of creating additional ways for students to be awarded with a Redsuit, the MES Executive has been working with some key stakeholders within the MES to develop potential systems. Since the initial public consultations have already taken place, the ideas and discussions from these public consultations are being used to create a plan, and the plan will be presented to the MES membership this fall.

Publishing the Long Term Plan

Building off of Ben Kinsella’s (MES President 2014 – 2015) and Andrew Cook’s (MES President 2016-2017) work on the Long Term Plan, the MES Executive has been updating the plan to ensure that it addresses the MES’s mission, suits the needs of our membership, and is ready to be published. The basis of the Long Term Plan is to create continuity between Executives, address the major areas of focus for the MES, and provide pathways through which the long term vision for the MES can be achieved. The MES Executive will have a presentation for the membership to collect feedback, before it will be officially presented at SAGM.

Hatch Booking System

As for news relating to Hatch, the MES currently has a booking system that is ready to be implemented in September. The MES Executive has chosen to not implement it immediately in order to test it and continue to look into more effective systems, but there will most definitely be a system for students to use in September.

Touching up on my last promise, posts like this one will help adding a variety of content for students to read on our blog so that the majority of them are not about Welcome Week.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email to should you need any clarifications.

Have a great rest of your summer!