ESSCO AGM 2018 Recap

July 18, 2018

On June 14th a delegation of seven McMaster Engineering Students arrived at York University to partake in ESSCO AGM 2018 (The Annual General Meeting of the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario).

ESSCO is a provincial organization that represents 16 engineering societies from across Ontario, including McMaster, and works to “act as the link between engineering students and professional associations, academia, and government” (ESSCO Website). ESSCO’s goal is to promote “unity, continuity, and visibility among Ontario” and their AGM is the kick-off to the school year.

McMaster’s delegation consisted of a group of students coming from a variety of roles within the McMaster Engineering community, each with different goals of what they wanted to learn and bring back to our community. One delegate, Anna Lopatukhin, the 2018 -2019 VP Events for McMasters Engiqueers, was looking for a way to find out more about how to get involved in the Engineering community at Mac as well as across the province.

The rest of the delegates were Katya Lemos (VP Student Life on the MES), Andy Hameed (Residence CA and ARC on the MES), Emma Levy (member of the 2018 Welcome Week Committee and incoming AVP Services and Productions on the MES), Aras Siddiqui (incoming B.Tech Rep on MES Council), Jocelyn Lee (outgoing VP External of the MES), and myself (the 2018 -2019 VP External on the MES).

The conference would consist of workshops and sessions covering topics from introducing the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), tackling Diversity issues, and getting students involved in their Engineering Societies’. Socials and fun activities such as Archery Tag filled the gaps in between sessions, as well as governing activities for ESSCO, including the first in person Plenary for ESSCOs 2018-2019 year and the elections of the new ESSCO Executive.

Among the workshop presenters were some of McMaster’s own, including Dani Lake (the outgoing VP Student Life of the MES), Liam McDermott (the President of the MES), and Santiago Vera (one of the 2018 Co-Orientation Coordinators for McMaster Engineering’s Welcome Week).

One of the presenters, Santiago Vera, shared about his experience of presenting three different sessions: how to inspire undergraduate students to get involved, how to use skills developed while getting involved after you graduate, and planning an inclusive Welcome Week. Vera wrote about his experience stating, “I was impressed with the discussion and questions throughout my sessions as students shared their experiences and how their engineering societies operate.”

Alongside these workshops the VP Externals from the 16 engineering societies, including myself representing McMaster, met. In a series of workshops facilitated by the outgoing ESSCO President and past MES President, Andrew Cook, the team of VP Externals identified our common goals, and started putting together plans for the 2018-2019 year.

On Saturday June 16ththe ESSCO Executive Elections took place. The results included Ivan Zvonkov from Western University as the new President, Julian Faita from Ryerson University as the new VP Communications, and Logan McFadden from Carleton University as the new VP Services. The role of VP Finance and Administration had to be filled in a by-election during the July ESSCO Teleconference, and was taken over by McMaster’s own Santiago Vera.

A new elected position, the role of Provincial Councilor, was also filled by McMaster student Jocelyn Lee, who helped write the policy for this position in her time as the 2017-2018 VP External on the MES.

On the last day of AGM, before new and old friends departed back to their respective schools, the first in person ESSCO Plenary of the 2018-2019 academic year took place. Within this plenary the new ESSCO Executives were ratified, information on the ESSCO Fund was presented, the new ‘Intro to ESSCO’ video was shown, and a motion on increasing mental health and wellness support at ESSCO Events was passed unanimously.

Katya Lemos sat in on the plenary as an observer and gained valuable experience and knowledge on how provincial-level organizations operate. This session was also very valuable for both Katya and myself on how motions are written, deliberated on, and passed, skills that are valuable as we start into the 2018-2019 school year as MES VPs.



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