The MES requires a serious set of policies and guidelines to operate in a responsible manner. These policies have helped keep the Society accountable to its members but also serve to ensure that Council handles student money mindfully. Below you will find links to the three sections of policy administrative pages the MES hosts.

Financial Policy

This section outlines everything money related. It outlines membership fee breakdowns and the MES operating budget, as well as general procedures that students can use to get reimbursements from the MES.

Governing Documents

The MES is regulated by two governing documents: the Policy Manual (commonly referred to as the PM) and the Constitution. The most recently updated versions of these documents are available on this page.

Agendas, Meetings and Reports

Every council meeting for the Society is run according to an agenda and the proceedings are recorded with minutes. The combination of these agendas and minutes are stored on the site for historic purposes and to ensure the MES’s accountability to its students.

Various conference reports are also stored in this section as every delegate that attends a conference on behalf of the Society is required by policy to write a report.


For applications relating to funding, elected positions, appointed positions, maclab and many other MES related causes, check the applications page!