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Below you will find the email contacts for all of the positions on the McMaster Engineering Society Council as well as our Anonymous Feedback Form. For position specific questions we ask that you email the current position holder, or visit them (if they are an Executive or Associate Vice President) at their designated office hours.

For general feedback of any nature you may also use the feedback form to lodge a complaint or compliment with the executive team. Contact information is appreciated when filing feedback as it helps us follow up on the situation, however it is not required.

Executive, Associate Vice-Presidents and Directors

President Andrew Cook
VP Student Life Marko Maric
VP Academic Liam McDermott
VP External Relations Michael Meier
VP Finance & Administration Nicholas Alverez
Associate Vice-Presidents
AVP Administration Jocelyn Lee
AVP Events Dani Lake
AVP Clubs & Sponsorship Hannah McPhee
AVP Services & Productions Haleigh Longo
Director of Advertising Vacant
Director of Public Relations Ian McArthur
Director of Sport Michael Boulos

Department and Program Representatives

 Department Representatives
Chemical Lisa Tran
Civil Cameron Ehrentraud
Computing & Software David Hobson
Electrical & Computer Brandon Rufino
Materials Marc Peters
Mechanical John Sober
Mechatronics Emily Vernon
Physics David Philpott
Program Representatives
BEAMS Jessica Trac
B-Tech Michael Barbosa
Computer Science Ryan Lambert
First Year Adrian Sivaraj
Elijah Wilding
George Padeigis
Yovana Racic
Engineering and
Christie Condron
Engineering and
Quinn Shobbrook

Coordinators, Editors and Administrative Personnel

BLUE Lounge Coordinator(s)

Nicholas Loomes and Chantal Ullyett
Co-Orientation Coordinators Mike Sucharda, Lauren MacWhirter
Culture Coordinator

Aveline Pearson and Jennifer Janssen
Drain Coordinators(s)

Linford Rodrigues and Tyson Collins
Fireball Coordinator(s)

Rachel Laurat and Liane Ladouceur
Information Technology
Jimmy Nguyen
Kipling Coordinator
Trailer Maintenance Coordinator Francesco Rao
SAAP Coordinator(s)

Sheena Berry and Yih-Jwu Hsiao
ARC Coordinator Luka Samac
Frequency Editor

Levi Brown and Merat Goharshadi
Handbook Editor

Emily Vernon and Lianna Tkach
Plumbline Editors

Max Guan and Pooja Srikanth
Yearbook Editor TBD
Administrative Personnel
Chief Returning Officer

Matt Vukovic
MacLAB Chair Alex Miles

Anonymous Feedback Form