MES General Elections

Now that the nominations period has closed, it’s time to move on to campaigning! Each candidate will have posters up around campus, and most will have Facebook events or pages for you to follow where you can ask them questions about their campaign. Each candidate’s platform synopsis can be found below and there will be a Meet ‘n’ Greet session held in the next week where you can stop in and talk to each candidate in person. The voting will be via online ballot, sent to your McMaster email, from March 2 – 4.

Descriptions of the responsibilities of each elected position can be found at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about the elections process don’t hesitate to send an email to Rahul at

Besides elected positions there are many other ways to get involved with MES Council. Appointed positions, which include coordinators, administrative personnel and editors are selected later in March by the incoming executive team. The application period for appointed positions will open March 14th.

VOTER TURNOUT: 899 OF 5052 (17.8%)

[PASSED] Yes:604 (76.7%)
No:183 (23.3%)
Abstain:112 (12.5%)


Tyson Collins


Hi everyone, my name is Tyson Collins and I’m running to be the next VP Student Life for the McMaster Engineering Society! Through my involvement in the MES Council, committees, and publications I’ve noticed several areas that can be improved: awareness of our initiatives, engagement with our community, and opportunities to provide feedback. Some of my ideas to improve these are:

MES Awareness Week

MES Awareness Week was proposed to distribute MES cards during the first week of each month in the lobby. We can expand on this idea in order to create an outreach platform for the various MES related groups. The groups would be able to distribute information and interact with community members to further promote activities.

MES Census

Having a community-wide census for the MES, similar to other schools such as Ryerson, would be a great way to help improve upon the initiatives and events we currently run, as well as, receive ideas for new initiatives we can pursue to ensure we are fulfilling the needs and wants of our society members.


Having a regular electronic update of our activities is a great way to encourage community engagement. I plan to establish strong communication with the groups responsible for running events and prepare a system early to avoid delays in the schedule.

Thank you for reading through my platform, If you wish to discuss anything further, please approach me on campus, contact me over social media or email at

Facebook event

Marko Maric


Hi, I’m Marko and I’m hoping to be your VP Student Life. I want to bring accountability to the role and build a strong team that will make sure the money you pay to the MES is used effectively, efficiently and accessibly. I want engineering students like you to be empowered to create your own clubs and events easily by creating tools to help you. I also want you to feel connected and at home, both within the engineering community and within the McMaster community.

I want to focus specifically on student wellness as the Wellness Committee is being overseen by the Student Life portfolio. Maintaining this new segment of the MES is going to be a challenge I’m excited to take on. It’s important to ingrain wellness within all parts of our community and to expand it within other institutions such as MES Card deals and diversity groups.

I’ve been Culture Coordinator, Plumbline Editor, Welcome Week Rep and volunteer for almost any MES opportunity I could’ve volunteered for. I know what it takes behind the scenes to make things happen and I have the experience and leadership necessary to make sure it does happen.

Please vote online March 2nd to March 4th and check out my Facebook Event (“Marko for MES VP Student Life”). If you have any questions about my plans for the MES, my campaign or my experience please email me at, I’d love to talk. Thanks!

Facebook event


[ELECTED] Marko Maric:341
Tyson Collins:178
Abstain:380 (42.3%)

Danish Khan

McMaster University ignited the learning revolution in the 1880s with the opening of the ‘School of Learning’ and lead the personal eduction revolution with the McMaster University Act in 1957. Today, McMaster continues to lead health, engineering, scientific research and education in innovation with its world renown alumni, professors and graduates and with its vital scientific contributions to these diverse range of fields. McMaster is also spearheading medicine and pre-clinical pharmaceutical research with its numerous accolades for research strengths, continuing breakthroughs in the field of health, science and engineering and the unprecedented gains in funding for research in the country.

As an undergraduate study body representative, it is the responsibility of the Vice President of Academics to insure that McMaster’s innovation in the global stage is met with the same energy, rigour and service in its undergraduate student body. It becomes necessary then for the VP to be an open, proactive, sincere, approachable, and facilitative individual that undergraduates can rely on, for both individual and collective needs, to find their concerns regarding their eduction heard and acted on.

Liam McDermott

Simple VP Academic Poster

Hey Mac Eng I’m running to become your next VP Academic! As the Academic Resource Coordinator .I improved the MES Textbook Library by cataloguing it online on Librarika and I also organized it physically to make finding textbooks much easier. I would also like to improve Eng 101 week which is usually right after Welcome Week and consists of events for first years to buy textbooks from upper years and meet their Profs.

There will be new additions to Eng 101 week to like “Meet the Tutors Night” so students can meet the tutors from our Student Academic Assistance Program (SAAP). I would also like to improve the availability of our tutoring vouchers. Currently only the VP Academic, SAAP Coordinator and the Academic Resource Coordinator can sell the vouchers but if elected I would work on having them being sold through the Drain. I would also like to create an Academic Resource Committee to improve events that are under the VP Academic’s portfolio such as the McMaster Engineering Competition. This would be done by improving the event’s awareness, looking for sponsorships and providing students with incentives to compete.

If you want to have a more detailed look at my platform and my experiences, check out my Facebook event “Vote Liam McDermott for MES VP Academic 2016” or ask me if you see me around. I can also be contacted at if you wish to meet me.

Facebook event


[ELECTED] Liam McDermott:451
Danish Khan:103
Abstain:345 (38.4%)

Nicholas Alvarez


My name in Nicholas Alvarez and I am running for the position of VP Finance for the McMaster Engineering Society. Fun little facts about me, I am currently in my third year of Chem Eng and Management and looking for a position that highlights my talents that I have learned from the commerce society. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and crunching numbers in my spare time with my trusted Casio FX-991. If there is one thing you can take away from this, it should be that I am a hardworking, dedicated individual whose main focus is Mac Eng and the community.

I have been involved with the MES for the past two year as an editor for The Frequency, one of the organisers for The Event, and recently got the opportunity to be a welcome week representative. I am running for the position of VP Finance because I have always had a business mindset and truly enjoy all the lectures on accounting and finance and want to show you guys that I have what it takes to be VP Finance. If you have any questions, please email me at or visit my Facebook page.

Facebook event

Jason Dales


Hello friends and colleagues alike, my name is Jason Dales and I am running to be your VP Finance of the MES.  I am a second year mechanical and management student and I am dedicated to putting YOUR money in the right place! If elected I plan to increase the transparency of where your money goes, and finalize the details of the MES surplus and its long term benefits to you the constituents.

Currently I am one of your SRA Engineering members and sit on the MSU finance committee so I have experience in student politics and enacting policy.  I believe the true role of your VP finance is to make sure all students understand the fees we collect and the services we provide to them as well as our many teams and clubs while ensuring full operation and proper succession planning is done.

Aside from student politics I have given back to the community through being a Welcome Week Residence Rep and plan to continue being a Rep this year!  I can’t wait to work for you so feel free to add me on Facebook or email me any questions at

Facebook event


[ELECTED] Nicholas Alvarez:262
Jason Dales:258
Abstain:379 (42.2%)

Michael Meier


Hi everyone! My name is Michael Meier, I am in my second year of engineering and I want to be your next Vice President of External Relations. I have been heavily involved in the MES council for the past two years as the Director of Public Relations and as a First Year Rep. Recently, I attended the annual CFES Congress conference and from that I picked up a lot of knowledge and ideas for this position so that it may serve the student body better. One of the biggest things I found is that the MES is a leader in the cultural evolution that is taking place within all Engineering Societies. I want Mac Eng to be better recognized as this leader by bring what we have learned and done in the past couple years to conferences though organizing workshops and presentations. Focusing more at home, the MES Resource Centre is a well of untapped potential and I want to revamp it and make it into a useful tool so students can easily find information on conferences, awards and the activities of external organizations such as ESSCO and CFES. I also plan to make the Resource Centre a hub for the Professional Development Committee where you can find their presentations and videos. From my experience working on the MES council and my interactions with the members of the CFES and ESSCO, I believe that I am the best candidate to serve you as VP External in the coming academic year!

Facebook event

Aaron Pataracchia


If elected, my main focus will be on the development of province wide clubs and interest groups. The goal of this initiative will be to establish a framework for students to organize club chapters within their schools and facilitate communication between these chapters. These clubs would function just as any other school club, with the added benefit of pooled resources from other schools and provincial institutions, such as funding, networking, and upcoming opportunities tailored to your interests. These groups will not only be geared towards supporting academic interests, but may cover a broad spectrum from lower level inter-school sports, to complex build teams such as rocketry. The advantage of launching this framework is that it will provide students who share a passion the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in it, despite a lack of interest at their school. Here at McMaster, I will make it my priority to promote the professional development of students within the engineering faculty. I will organize opportunities to help you prepare for your future such as mock interviews and bring back the LinkedIn photo shoot.

Lend me your vote, and I promise to tackle these ambitions with enthusiasm and to represent you to the best of my ability at the provincial and national levels. I look forward to a productive year and the opportunity to work with the MES council to bring to you every opportunity to develop your professional portfolio and pursue your interests.


[ELECTED] Michael Meier:389
Aaron Pataracchia178
Abstain:332 (36.9%)

AVP's and Directors

Max Guan

Hello everyone, my name is Max Guan, and I am running to be your AVP Events! Some of you may know me from my involvement with Engineering Outreach, McMaster Robotics, or even the McMaster Archery team. With my diverse experience on and off campus, paired with my unique ideas for improving MES events, I know that I will always have something exciting for every student to look forward to throughout their time at McMaster.

My main focus for next year is to assure that MES events consistently meet a level of quality. This means ironing out the small details that turns a good event into a great event, such as event advertising and transportation efficiency. The smallest of details can make or break an event, and that’s where I know I can make a difference for the coming year.

I also want to focus on having events for every type of student. From social pub nights to academic stream mentoring sessions to formal industry networking events, every student will have something to look forward to. By working together with the other services that the MES provides, we can make events meaningful to our entire faculty body.

Tl;dr – I want better events and events for everybody. Feel free to ask me how I plan on doing this online or in person!

Facebook event

Dani Lake


Hey everyone!

My name is Dani Lake and I am in my second year of Electrical and Management. I am running for AVP Events!


Over the past year, I have been a part of the Professional Development Committee, planning events for engineering ranging from guest speakers to the upcoming Professional Development Conference.

I am also the chair of the upcoming CFES Conference on Diversity in Engineering, which is taking place at McMaster in November 2017.

Both of these roles, as well as prior involvement in high school, have strengthened my event planning experience.


I want to ensure better communication, through the department reps, to ensure minimal conflicts between events planned by department clubs and the MES.

For example, no one should have to pick between attending an industry night put on by department clubs, and an MES-wide event.


We all know our pub nights can be a great time, but it often feels as if it is always the same. I would want to look into diversifying the venues, particularly places where there are multiple types of activities, appealing to more people. But don’t worry! I’m not suggesting alcohol-free events!

Possible places to check out could be Serve Ping Pong Bar & Lounge or Splitsville Entertainment: Bowling Centre.

Furthermore, I hope for this position to be a great stepping stone to larger roles within the MES.

If you have any questions feel free to approach me or send me an email at

Facebook event


[ELECTED] Dani Lake:275
Max Guan:261
Abstain:363 (40.4%)

Dina Al-Shalah


Hey, Mac Eng! I’m Dina and I am running to be AVP Services and Productions for 2016-2017. For next year, I would like to make our services more inclusive so all students can benefit from them. I also hope to promote the productions and services that the MES currently has more extensively through better advertising. Finally, I believe that my plan to enhance accountability will result in higher quality of our publications.

This year I was Kipling Coordinator on the MES Council, a member of the Professional Development Committee and an executive member of the Conference of Diversity in Engineering 2017 planning committee. I won the MES Council Appreciation Award for my attendance and contributions to our meetings. This encouraged me to continue helping get students’ voices heard by taking on a bigger role next year. I am extremely dedicated and willing to put in the effort to provide students with services that can ease the stressful university life. Please don’t forget to check your emails and vote online on March 2nd-4th.

If you would like to know anything else about me, my platform or the MES in general, please email me at and check out my Facebook page “Vote Dina Al-Shalah for MES AVP Services and Productions”. Cheers!

Facebook event

Nicholas Aubry

benette 2

Hey Mac Eng, I’m Nicholas Aubry and I’m running for AVP Services and Productions. I’ve been one of the registered tutors through the Student Academic Assistance Program for the past two years, and I am currently one of The Frequency’s Co-Editors. From these positions, I’ve gained firsthand experience with both the production and the service aspects of this position. I plan to bring what I’ve learned (be it things I liked or things I hope to change) to this position to help facilitate all of the many services that the MES provides. Since I’m currently the Frequency co-editor, I plan to use this position to remain involved with the different publications the MES provides. I plan to work with them to find quality articles and to help facilitate meeting deadlines if they’re having trouble.

One of the main services I plan to focus on is the relatively new MES deals card. I plan to work with the AVP Clubs and Sponsorships to expand the amount of companies both in variety and numbers. We currently have several deals for goods places (namely food), but few deals related to services. I plan to try and work out deals at places like yoga, miniputt, tailors etc. to promote people to take advantages of the local businesses around campus and to leave McMaster and see the beautiful city of Hamilton.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Facebook event

Haleigh Longo


Hello! I’m Haleigh and I am running to be your AVP Services and Productions. My main goal is to bring increased accessibility of our services. After thorough discussion, many brought to my attention that they were in the dark about the services provided by the MES, unaware of their purpose and how to access them. If I am elected, my main course of action to change this is to increase advertisements about them by making posters, and utilizing the TV screens around the JHE lobby. I want to focus on the Student Academic Assistance Program and partner with professors to increase the amount of tutors and the amount of students that can benefit from this program.

The MES prides itself on our marvelous student made publications, such as the Frequency and Plumbline. As an illustrator for the Plumbline, I am aware of the importance of frequent contributions to these pieces. If I was elected, I would partner with the editors to create formal sub-subcommittees that make content, which would allow a smoother editing process and more consistent publishing schedule. I am already involved in many of the self-governed services and productions that the MES offers, such as the Plumbline, Drain Swag Squad and a Welcome Week Representative. My involvement gives me an upper hand on how the services are meant to be run and I have a better understanding of the areas which need improvement.

Facebook event


Round 1:
Haleigh Longo:301
Nicholas Aubry:175
Dina Al-Shalah:136 [ELIMINATED]
Round 2:
[ELECTED] Haleigh Longo:356
Nicholas Aubry:238
Abstain:287 (31.9%)

Nicholas Loomes


I’m Nicholas Loomes and I am running for re-election as the AVP (Clubs & Sponsorship).

Since my by-election win in December I have spent many hours implementing change and fulfilling my campaign promises. I have increased office hours to meet the needs of members. I have helped many groups who wish to gain affiliate status do so. I have worked with our sponsors to increase the number of events available through Bruha Presents and increase the number of MESDeals. I have met with industry professionals at events with hopes to increase our sponsorships. I voted in favour of more funds being allocated to the Machine Shop Fund to benefit our teams.

This is only the beginning.  If re-elected I plan to continue fulfilling the campaign promises I have made to you. This will see better communication from the MES to our Clubs/Teams. It will see our members having access to many more deals and events. I want to continue to improve the experience that our members have at this school and with the MES. To accomplish this I will need your vote.

In the coming days I will be posting a more comprehensive platform and be available for questions at any time; feel free to stop me in the halls or come to my office hours.

As the incumbent I will still be actively fulfilling the needs of the position during the election. If you have any questions or need help feel free to email me at any time.

Facebook event

Hannah McPhee

Volunteer Materials II

My name is Hannah McPhee, I am in my second year of Materials engineering, and I am running to be your AVP Clubs and Sponsorship. This year I have organized a number of events as a member of the Professional Development Committee. In addition, I am acting as the Mac Eng Musical’s Assistant Crew Leader for the second time and I am a member of the 2016 Welcome Week Committee. I am actively involved with the Engineering Society, and my involvements have given me the experience and knowledge I need to take on a bigger role as your AVP Clubs and Sponsorship.

First Year Club

As chair of the First Year Club, I would provide the first year reps with the support and resources they need to get at least one event off the ground each term, and to stay active throughout the year.

MES Card

As AVP Clubs and Sponsorships, I would continue to actively reach out to local businesses to acquire more MES Card deals. In addition, I would work with the Director of PR to run a promotion in order to raise awareness about the MES Card and the deals that are available to engineering students.

Club Resources

I would ensure that all clubs, groups and teams are provided with clear written guidelines for obtaining sponsorship (externally and internally), and budgeting.  Reliable communication and organization will make me an excellent resource for club leaders needing assistance with tasks such as sponsorship, funding, advertising or MES matters.

Facebook event

Yovana Racic

I’m Yovana Racic, currently completeing my first year, and already hold an elect position on the MES council of First Year Rep. I’m running for AVP Clubs and Sponsorship, meaning that my job is to maintain and create more deals for the students with local businesses for our much coveted MES Cards. Not only that, but I will help the next years first year reps, molding them into more effective leaders, planners, and critical thinkers. If I am elected, I will create and maintain more deals for the students, and make sure they are well advertised and known about. As a first year rep, I know the challenge of everything the role entails, so I will use that experience to help the future first year reps with whatever challenges or road blocks they might face!

Facebook event


[ELECTED] Hannah McPhee:416
Yovana Racic:103
Nicholas Loomes:74
Abstain:306 (34.0%)

Ian McArthur

Volunteer Mechatronics and Management II

Director of Public Relations for the McMaster Engineering Society is a position that requires an individual who has experience with the Society, is personable and possesses ideas to continue to push forward. I possess all of these important attributes. During the 2015-2016 school year I have been an active member of the MES’s Professional Development Committee and a volunteer for Public Relations, Events and Culture committees. Through these committees I have organized many events including two stream mentor networking nights for first year students, LinkedIn photo shoots for students and a Professional Development Conference. Additionally, I am a member of the Welcome Week 2016 organizing Committee.

In addition to being involved in the MES, a Director of Public Relations must be extremely personable. I have proved my ability to relate to those external to McMaster through my volunteering with the Engineering Outreach office. I have led many tours for prospective students and families throughout the 2015-2016 year. These tours include not only showcasing McMaster Engineering’s amazing facilities but showing prospective students that McMaster Engineering has an amazing community of students.

Finally, as a candidate for Director of Public Relations I have many new ideas and initiatives I wish to implement if elected. These include an increased number of charity events to help McMaster Engineering give back, events involving other faculties to create more unity at McMaster, and finally open meetings where students have the opportunity to share their passions for a positive public impact with the Director of Public Relations.

Facebook event


[ELECTED] Ian McArthur:561
Abstain:338 (37.6%)

Michael Boulos


I’m running to be your Director of Sport. I’m in second year Civ Eng, and I love sports. I’m a part of the McMaster varsity fencing team, and I’ve also been a part of my high school badminton and soccer teams. I’ve also participated in intramural soccer, both indoor and outdoor, play squash recreationally, and frequent the Pulse. As Director of Sport, I aim to keep you up to date with upcoming events such as Ratboy and Mac Eng Does Sports, as well as ensuring engineering intramural teams are funded by the MES. Along with this, I’d like to implement a Ratboy tournament but for dodgeball in first semester, on top of the Ratboy soccer tournament that runs late second semester.
If you have any questions feel free to reach me at


[ELECTED] Michael Boulos:537
Abstain:362 (40.3%)

Department and Program Reps

Peeyush Madaan


I would like to make a Facebook page which can be accessed by the entire faculty of mechanical engineering where they can write things that they would like to see happening in the mechanical engineering society and how they would like to contribute to it. Members can ask questions and everyone can be aware of that instantly.

I would like to place a request to the department for having 2 or more sets of course evaluations throughout the semester and improve the course as per the criticisms that the students provide the professors with.

I would like to place a formal request to all the faculty members to help make students aware of different mechanical engineering organizations and industries. A request to offer the students with connections and contacts that faculty members have outside of school would also be added.

Bringing guest speakers from industries/organizations that hire students would also be encouraged. If not guest speakers (because it can be time consuming in the class), then at least an awareness of that through avenue or other Mac pages.

I would like to hold a separate night for all mechanical engineers to come out and make first years aware of what mechanical engineering is and why it is a good stream for them to choose.

I would like to enhance the communication between the Mechanical Engineering Department and the MES so that greater events can be held which can bring together different streams of engineering and different faculties.

Facebook event

John Sober

MES Campaign Photo

Hey! My name is John Sober and I’m in my second year of Mechanical Engineering and Management, and if you’re in Mech., I want to represent YOU! I am running to be the Mechanical Engineering Department Representative for 2016/2017!

The main responsibilities of the Mechanical Representative include attending all MES Council and Mechanical Engineering Club meetings and acting as a liaison between the two groups, as well as advocating and planning events for all Mechanical Engineering students.

This past year I was a member of the Mechanical Engineering Club and helped plan some of the events that were/are going to be run including; the Mech. Eng. Barbeques, the 40 Creek Distillery Tour, and the Mech. Eng. T-shirt Sales. Over the course of the time that I have served Mechanical students, I learned a lot about how the Mechanical Club functions and got to know much more about the MES and the role that the Mechanical Engineering Department Representative serves.

I know that I am qualified and willing to commit to this position and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to fully serve all Mechanical Students. I am ready to provide both the MES and the Mechanical Club with a member whose best interest is in the well being of their students. I believe that I am a great candidate for this position, and I hope that you can believe in me too!

David Wilcock


Hey mechanical engineering friends! I’m David Wilcock, a fourth year student running for the position of Mechanical Representative on the MES council. I would love to continue contributing to the fun and positive environment of our engineering faculty. If elected for Mechanical Representative, I will strive to establish a strong connection between the students, the Mech Club, and the professors in hopes that students become more aware and involved in our department. I will strive to ensure that students can have their thoughts and opinions heard and actively promote the events and opportunities our department has to offer. If you have any questions about my plans for the MES, my campaign or my experience please email me at, I’d be happy to talk to you. Thanks!


Round 1
John Sober:33
David Wilcock:30
Peeyush Madaan:19 [ELIMINATED]
Round 2:
[ELECTED] John Sober:42
David Wilcock:36
Abstain:23 (21.9%)
Total:105 (22.6% turnout)

Tracy Savery


Hi friends! How’s it going? I suppose that you are here to learn about me. Well, if you know me at all, you know that I am rather quiet but that I still like to get involved as much as I possibly can. If you don’t know me, feel free to add me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy new LinkedIn profile picture like everyone else. All of the photoshoots were during my beloved night classes, BUT what I DO have is a different take on the mindset that a department rep should have in regard to their responsibilities. Typically, the job is viewed as a minor position. Minor is not how I would define the role. A department representative is the voice for a large body of students, and this is especially true for Chem Eng. Just as important, the person who holds the position as department rep is responsible for keeping the department informed about MES matters and keeping everyone involved to the best of their abilities. I want to keep you involved just as much as I want to be involved! My dear friends, help me to accomplish my goals and I will be forever grateful. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

Facebook event

Lisa Tran


Hi, my name is Lisa Tran and I am currently in second year Chemical and Bio-Engineering. I am excited to potentially represent the Chemical Engineering Society as the department representative. As the Chem Eng department representative, I will make sure that the McMaster Engineering Society (MES) as well as other engineering societies are well informed of any Chem Eng Club events that occur during the year. Further, I want to make sure that Chem Eng students are aware of all MES events as outreach of these events create more opportunities for networking and skill-building. I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the MES through my experience participating in events, such as pub nights, industry nights, and The Event, and with my involvement in the McMaster Engineering Musical. After first year, I felt an immediate disconnect between disciplines and what I aim to improve on, if elected as the Chem Eng department representative, would be to implement more activities or events that allow different disciplines to interact with each other. I hope during the voting period you will consider me for Chem Eng department representative!

Facebook event


[ELECTED] Lisa Tran:66
Tracy Savery:39
Abstain:32 (23.4%)
Total:137 (31.6% turnout)

David Hobson

Hello World! To all my McMaster Software Engineering friends, my name is David Hobson, and I’m a second year Software Engineering and Game Design student. I’m running to be the Computing and Software department representative for the MES.

As a department rep I communicate between the department and the MES for the 2016/2017 year.

Software Engineering has a large number of people, yet their voice is very small. I would like to change that. If elected I plan to make sure that our department is heard and improve relations with the MES as well as other departments/programs. Not only that, I plan to make sure more Software Engineers are involved in the different events within the MES and to promote events that are held within our Software Engineering Community.

I believe that together we can make Software Engineering have a larger presence within the MES and McMaster University as a whole.


[ELECTED] David Hobson:34
Abstain:21 (38.2%)
Total:55 (15.8% turnout)

Brandon Rufino


Hello everybody! As an electrical and computer department representative I wish to act as a liaison between the department and the MES. By doing so I will ensure that our department will be aware of the events the MES is having through class announcements and Facebook group communication. Also I wish to ensure that the ECES and MES do not have schedule conflicts with each other. Ultimately, I wish to improve the communication between the department and the society as a whole.


[ELECTED] Brandon Rufino:85
Abstain:43 (33.6%)
Total:128 (17.2% turnout)

Marc Peters


My name is Marc Peters and I am in Materials and Society II. I plan on running for the position of Materials Department Representative for the upcoming year. The elected position is responsible to maintain a good line of communication between the MES and the Materials Department, as well as ensuring everyone is up to date on upcoming events and activities. I believe that I would do a good job, as I am currently a representative for ESSA, and am good at keeping people informed about important upcoming events. 


[ELECTED] Marc Peters:43
Abstain:9 (17.3%)
Total:52 (25.2% turnout)

David Philpott


Hello fellow nerds! In case you do not know me, my name is David Philpott and I am a 3.7th year Eng Phys & coop student. And I am running (vs. the reject ballot) to be your next Eng Phys Rep in the MES.

As the Engineering Physics Representative in the MES it will be my responsibility to represent the interests of all Eng Phys students and serve as the communication link between the Engineering Physics Society and the MES.

The Department of Engineering Physics is a small group and we have a tendency to put on many events and programs that operate independently from the MES. If I have the honour to serve as the Eng Phys Rep, it will be my goal to help increase the involvement between the MES and the Eng Phys society. I believe that resources such as test bank and tutoring program are underused by Eng Phys students but can be quite beneficial to students, especially those struggling to manage the transition to second year Eng Phys.

In addition, as the Eng Phys Department continues with its changes such as the addition of the Eng Phys Resource Centre, increased marketing work, and implementing a mentorship program, they will be counting on the input from current Eng Phys students and funding from the MES through programs like MacLab. In my role I will help to facilitate these changes and do my best to improve the department overall and the experience  that our undergraduate student have.

Facebook event


[ELECTED] David Philpott:42
Abstain:8 (16%)
Total:50 (35.5% turnout)

Jessica Trac


My name is Jessica Trac, I am in second year Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and I am running to be your next BioEngineering At McMaster Society (BEAMS) representative within the McMaster Engineering Society. The BEAMS representative acts as a liaison between BEAMS, MES and students enrolled in the Chemical and BioEngineering and Electrical and Biomedical Engineering streams. Serving as a second year representative on the Electrical and Computer Engineering Society this past year, I gained insight on how societies work towards enriching a student’s education in all aspects. I love working with societies because of how they bring students together outside of the classroom though events such as Industry Nights and socials. BEAMS held some great events this year, such as a MedTalk, a Graduate School Night, and destressors. I am passionate about biomedical engineering, and it excites me to be in a community of students with the same interests. If elected as BEAMS representative, I will work towards ensuring that the MES and students within the program are aware of the events and opportunities offered by BEAMS so that they are more accessible. Also, to better customize the events hosted by BEAMS towards students, I would like to suggest ways to make the event brainstorming process more open to discussion with students. An idea that I’d like to bring to the MES would be to create open feedback forums where students can speak with their department or program representative about their ideas or concerns.


[ELECTED] Jessica Trac:72
Abstain:16 (18.2%)
Total:88 (36.7% turnout)

Ryan Lambert

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[ELECTED] Ryan Lambert:36
Abstain:9 (20.0%)
Total:45 (16.9% turnout)

Christie Condron


My name is Christie Condron and I am entering my third year of Mechatronics Engineering and Management.  I enjoy the faculty of engineering and am hoping to pursue a career that involves working with Engineers Without Borders.  I am excited to be running for the position of Engineering and Management representative.  As the representative for this position, I am determined to develop a stronger connection between the engineering management students with the McMaster Engineering and Management Society (MEMS).  In addition, I want to promote the extracurricular activities that the MEMS offers, as I believe this society is not utilized to its full potential.  I will have an energetic presence in the MES both at the meetings and throughout the year at events.  I will represent engineering and management as best as I can.  I appreciate your support in this campaign.


[ELECTED] Christie Condron:118
Abstain:40 (25.3%)
Total:158 (28.5% turnout)

Elected Positions Descriptions

VP Student Life

The VP Student Life is responsible for managing the non-academic initiatives run by the MES. These include the Groups, Teams and Affiliates under the MES umbrella, as well as any special events that happen throughout the year. The VP Student Life oversees the AVP Clubs and Sponsors, AVP Events and Director of Sports and facilitates communications within the MES. They will also supervise any initiatives related to student well-being and diversity. The VP Student Life is also responsible for the assembly and distribution of the MESsenger newsletter.

For more information regarding this role, please contact

VP Academic

The VP Academic is responsible for advocating on behalf of engineering student academic concerns to the Faculty of Engineering and the MSU’s Academic Affairs Council. This individual is required to attend meetings concerning curriculum changes, student performance and admissions to McMaster Engineering. Furthermore, the VP Academic is responsible for overseeing the SAAP Coordinator, Academic Resource Coordinator and McMaster Engineering Competition Coordinator positions.

For more information regarding the VP Academic position, contact the current VP Academic at

AVP Events

The Associate Vice President Events organizes all social events for the MES with the support of the Social Committee; these include pub nights and road trips. They ensure that the MES offers a variety of activities that will appeal to many different groups of students. The AVP Events is in charge of making sure that all events run smoothly and are full approved by working with the EOHSS office.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current AVP Events at

AVP Clubs and Sponsors

The Associate Vice President Clubs and Sponsors helps students through the process of becoming an MES-affiliated group, and works with the First Year Reps to help them pull off first year events. They maintain relationships with current sponsors, and oversee the procurement and retention of MESCard deals. They also work with the existing MES Affiliates, Groups and Teams to answer administrative questions and help iron out problems they may run into logistically.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current AVP Clubs and Sponsors at

Director of Sports

The Director of Sports must oversee the advertisement and distribution of intramural funding, and facilitate the creation of Mac Eng intramural teams. They facilitate various sports clubs such as the MES Running Club and MES Squash Ladder and organize sporting events throughout the year with the help of the Sports Committee, along with any other new sports initiatives. They also organize the annual Ratboy Soccer Tournament. The Director of Sport also gets creative freedom to put together any sport-related event or club they and their committee desire.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current Director of Sports at

VP Finance & Administration

The VP Finance is primarily responsible for the allocation and management of MES funds. They oversee the AVP Services and Productions, AVP Clubs and Sponsors and Drain Coordinators, as well as sitting on the macLAB Board of Directors. In addition to day-to-day monetary transactions and operations, the VP Finance acts in tandem with the AVP Clubs and Sponsors to financially support MES Groups and Teams. Objectivity and strong communication abilities are key for the VP Finance, as well as punctuality and initiative for those situations where time is tight and student money is on the line.

For more information regarding the VP Finance position, contact the current VP Finance at

VP External

The role of the VP External is to represent the MES on the councils of the Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario (ESSCO) and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), to liaise with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and Professional Engineers Ontario, and to collect and distribute all external Society correspondence. Internally, the VP External will oversee professional development events, inform the student body of available conferences and competitions and organize delegations, handle the open and closed conference funds and maintain the resource centre. The VP External also oversees the Director of Public Relations.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current VP Externals at

AVP Services and Productions

The Associate Vice President Services and Productions oversees the creation and editing of the MES publications: the Plumbline, the Frequency and the Handbook. They push to advertise the miscellany of MES services through various media and facilitate the rental of the MES projector, tent, trailer and camera. The AVP Services and Productions makes sure the student body stays entertained and informed of how the MES helps them; in the process, they get to control the quality of the publications and gain experience with promotions and keep many of the MES’s day-to-day offerings running smoothly.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current AVP Services and Productions at

Director of Public Relations

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for promoting the activities and initiatives of the MES to the university, the faculty, and the community. They are in charge of managing the MES’s presence on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, so they must be able to manage multiple communication channels simultaneously. Additionally, the Director of PR develops new charity initiatives and works with the Culture Committee to organize traditional charity initiatives. It is also their duty to advertise MES run events and the services that the society offers.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current director at

Department and Program Representatives

Department and Program Representatives represent their streams for macLAB, organize quorum for SAGM, liaise with their department society and advertise MES endeavours and events to their streams and peers. They also attend both MES meetings and department society meetings. Department Reps should have strong oral communication skills, as well as the diplomatic abilities to advocate points between the MES and their respective Department Society.

Department representatives : Chemical, Civil, Computing & Software, Electrical & Computer, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Engineering Physics

Program representatives : BEAMS (Chem & Bio and Elec & Biomed), Computer Science, Engineering & Management, Engineering & Society