MES General Elections

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year! No, not midterm season, it’s time for the MES General Election! Get involved by running for a position on the MES Council and working through the MES to better the lives of your fellow Engineering students.

The nomination period opens on February 7th and will remain open until 5:30 PM on February 27th. To nominate yourself, fill out the Elected Position Nomination Form and submit it to the CRO mailbox in the BLUE Lounge (JHE 121) before the end of the nomination period. There will be brief meetings held the nights of February 26th and 27th for all nominees to review the campaign rules.

Campaigning will begin on February 27th at 7 PM, and end March 6th at 11:59 PM. During campaigning, each candidate will have posters up around campus, and most will have Facebook events or pages for you to follow where you can ask them questions about their campaign. Each candidate’s platform synopsis can be found below and there will be a Meet ‘n’ Greet session held on March 6th at 7-9 PM in JHE A114, where you can stop in and talk to each candidate in person. The voting will be via online ballot, sent to your McMaster email, starting March 7th at 12:01 AM and ending March 9th at 4 PM.

Descriptions of the responsibilities of each elected position can be found at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about the elections process don’t hesitate to send an email to Matt at

Besides elected positions there are many other ways to get involved with MES Council. Appointed positions, which include coordinators, administrative personnel and editors are selected later in March by the incoming executive team. The application period for appointed positions will open March 13th.


Dani Lake


Hey Mac Eng! My name is Dani Lake and I believe I would be well suited to be your VP Student Life.

Please see below a brief overview of what I would like to accomplish if elected. Questions? Please email (, send a Facebook message, or visit me in person!

REDEFINING SPONSORSHIP by implementing a venue for alumni to donate directly to clubs and teams, define sponsorship as partnership for external groups to reach the study body as a whole, and develop ways to make the MES card a more valuable service.

GUIDING OUR CLUBS, TEAMS, AND COMMITTEES by creating workshops beyond Big Team Meeting that are geared towards a specific topic and encouraging collaboration between clubs and teams to have joint events and share best practices. Furthermore, I would like to streamline EOHSS, MESsenger, and MES Calendar submissions, ensure a proper move-in to Hatch so all groups have an equitable amount of space, and help Wellness Committee and First Year Club to grow and be more impactful on our student body.

DOCUMENTING INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY by working with next year’s IT Coordinator to create a Wiki to share transition and how-to documents designed to record and relay our history in a central location.

ADVOCACY by taking President-elect Michael Meier’s idea of creating an advocacy group within the MES under the VPSL portfolio to take this idea into a reality and keep up communication between the MES and SRA Engineering as both groups represent the needs of our students.


Haleigh Longo

Coming soon!


[ELECTED] Dani Lake:463
Haleigh Longo:304
Abstain:323 (28.7%)

Cameron Ehrentraud

Hello!!! My name is Cameron Ehrentraud and I am running to be your next VP academic! VP Academic serves as a very important role on the MES executive, dealing with matters that affect how engineering undergraduates learn both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to academic affairs within the MES, the role also provides an opportunity to work with and learn from other faculties in inter-faculty educational committees. My campaign platform is centred around three main ideas: Accountability, Advocacy, and Engagement – through engagement we can successfully accomplish more advocacy and greater accountability. The VP Academic and the services within the portfolio can provide a significant amount of support to undergraduates, but first we need to hear from the student population for direction and to properly allocate resources.

I would like to bring about changes to the hiring process for TA’s so that it is equally considered as a teaching role, to ensure consistency from year to year. On top of this, I would like to advocate for a software package to be on par with engineering schools across the country. With rising tuition costs and increasing enrolment, it is important that engineering undergraduates are provided with the necessary software to learn and be competitive in a post-secondary setting. Finally the engagement plank will largely take place in the form of town halls and collaboration with the VP Finance in creating an engineering undergraduate census.

Thank you, and I would love to have your vote!


Patrick Hehl

Coming soon!


Luka Samac

luka poster final

Hi everyone! I’m Luka Samac and I’m running to be your next VP Academic. There are three main points to my platform. For one, I’d like to keep experience within the MES by having more alumni involvement. Alumni have experienced both McMaster Engineering and the working world. Secondly, I’d like to see an expansion of academic resources with the hope of making the search for course materials easier. Finally, I wish to be a large advocate for the engineering student body. I want to explore the possibility of turning math tutorials into programming tutorials so that students actually learn Maple and MATLAB. In general, I want to improve the product you are all paying for!

As the previous Academic Resources Coordinator I worked closely with the current VP Academic and have really gotten to know the academic portion of the MES. I have worked with SAAP to better improve academic service and events. I have also attended bi-weekly council meetings where I have made sure my opinions were heard, and I’ve been a proxy voter for the current VP Academic all of second term. I believe these experiences give me the know-how to both manage the academic portion of the MES as well as be a strong advocate for you.

Voting will be online from March 7th to March 9th. Please check out my Facebook page for my full platform. Also, do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you for your time.



[ELECTED] Luka Samac:389
Cameron Ehrentraud:170
Patrick Hehl:114
Abstain:427 (37.9%)

Alexandre D'Souza


Hey everyone, my name is Alexandre D’Souza, I’m currently in my 4th year of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering, and I’m running to become your next VP Finance! I have a passion for commerce, and I have taken multiple online courses in finance, management and economics from other universities like Caltech and the University of Michigan. I’m currently the Treasurer of the McMaster Chemical Engineering Club, giving me experience in creating and managing an overall annual budget, as well as multiple budgets for our many events.

The basis of my platform is to increase the level of financial transparency in the MES, by providing detailed explanations of where YOUR student fees go each year, what they help fund, and what benefits you get in return. This will lead to a budget that is thorough, easy to understand and freely available online.

I also plan to organize a committee with representatives from each department to allocate the MES funds set aside for the new Hatch Centre. This committee will source student input for what should be done with the funding while taking into account each department’s needs, and act upon the most beneficial projects for the engineering student body.

Check out my Facebook event page “Alexandre D’Souza for MES VP Finance 2017” and contact me at if you have any questions.

Fun Fact: I also play on the McMaster Ultimate team, so feel free to stop and toss a disc around if you see me around campus!


Liam McDermott


Hey Mac Eng, my name is Liam McDermott and I am in Materials Engineering & Management III and I’m running to become your next VP Finance & Administration. As VP Academic I created a committee to improve the McMaster Engineering Competition, which resulted in new course bonuses and over 300 participants showed up (the previous year was under 100). Additionally I improved our tutoring program by making a partnership with the Student Success Center (SSC) and now the MES’ operational costs for the program have decreased and it’s now online.

The biggest responsibility of the VP Finance is to manage the MES’ $600,000 budget, which I am capable of doing based on my past experience and education. There are also new initiatives that I would like to introduce. I would introduce a census so that all students in the faculty of engineering can have their voice heard, create financial literacy seminars so that students can learn how to do their finances once they graduate and create an advertising campaign for the MES’ finances to enhance our financial transparency.

These platform points and my platform points which are not in this statement can be found on my campaign website, as well as my experiences. If you have any questions, check out my Facebook event “Vote Liam McDermott for MES VP Finance & Administration 2017” or ask me if you see me around. I can also be contacted at if you wish to meet me.




[ELECTED] Liam McDermott:428
Alexandre D'Souza:358
Abstain:311 (27.6%)

Winky Luo


Hi everyone, my name is Winky Luo, and I have been involved with the MES council in the past through the McMaster Engineering Musical, Baja and the ECES. I have represented McMaster internationally at several hackathons, attended the 2017 CFES Congress conference and am involved in the 2017 Conference on Diversity in Engineering hosted by McMaster University.

If elected as your next VP External, I will dedicate myself towards:

Equal Representation of McMaster engineering students and associations on a national level to organizations like ESSCO and the CFES. I will be a stimulus for nationwide discussion and help connect our students to professional engineering. I will push forth our innovative ideas and be dependable to represent your voices and concerns.

Increasing Outreach of information to our students regarding conferences, events and competitions by implementing a centralized database from our existing MES Resource Centre. Many of students have voiced that they are unaware of these opportunities for enriching their academic careers, and I aim to resolve this.

Professional Development Opportunities to ensure that we are inclusive to students who are unable to participate in conferences like ESSCO AGM, where amazing talks are presented on topics like mental health outreach and student interest mobilization. I plan on achieving this through online resources on the topics, and planned seminars and talks that are made available to everyone.

I love McMaster Engineering and being a part of the MES, and I look forward to achieving even more for you as your next VP External!


Jocelyn Lee


Hello everyone! My name is Jocelyn Lee, I am a second year Civil Engineering student, and I am running to be your next VP External Relations!

Currently, I am VP Communications of ESSCO, the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario. In my role, I have been able to oversee a council of VP Externals from engineering societies throughout Ontario and have been able to see firsthand the impact that student government can have. Over the past year, I have worked with my executive team to create a voice for engineering students in Ontario, working with both PEO and OSPE. At McMaster, I have been on council as the Administrator, working intimately with the current MES council and executive team, and have been Director of the Global Engineering Certificate for EWB, on the controls team for Baja, a student ambassador for the McMaster Engineering recruitment department, sponsorship captain for McMaster Rocketry, and sponsorship co-lead for the CDE 2017 planning committee.

My platform focuses on increasing awareness for conferences, opportunities, and advocacy, while maximizing the current benefits available to engineering students. The platform works to expand on the relationship the MES has with ECCS, increase professional development opportunities, and grow participation for engineering outreach.

More details on my platform can be found on my website ( If you have any questions, please feel free to check out my Facebook page, email me (, or ask me in person! As an active participant in the engineering community, it is my hope that everyone will have the resources to enhance their engineering experience through my platform, and I look forward to representing McMaster.


Melissa Cusack



My name is Melissa Cusack and I’m in second year Chem & Society.

This year I have been involved with the Chem Eng Club as Second Year Rep, MES Social Committee, the Delegate Selection Committee under this year’s VP External, and planning the Chemistry & Engineering Career Conference.

As your VP X I would be committed to building better connections with engineering organizations, seizing opportunities for professional development, and increasing conference visibility.

It is my goal to connect McMaster engineering students to workshops and events that groups such as the PEO, OSPE, SAE, and more, already run in the community. I can speak from personal experience that these are great opportunities to build your understanding of what industry is like, gain valuable knowledge about certain subjects, and build connections with engineers from all kinds of companies working all kinds of jobs.

The Professional Development Committee has been doing great work bringing opportunities to McMaster students for professional development. I want to strengthen these opportunities through working with the ECCS to deliver better workshops and help them cater their resources to what our needs.

I have found that in the past it has been difficult to know when conferences are and what conferences are even available to MES members. I want to have a page for conferences on the MES website that outlines which conferences we send delegations to, when they are, what they are about, and testimonials from past attendees.



Round 1
Melissa Cusack:287
Jocelyn Lee:259
Winky Luo:247
Round 2
Melissa Cusack:289 (+2)
Jocelyn Lee:261 (+2)
Winky Luo:253 (+6)
Round 3
[ELECTED] Jocelyn Lee:369 (+108)
Melissa Cusack:364 (+75)
Abstain:304 (27.0%)

AVP's and Directors


Round 1
Keeran Sivanesan:173
Gabe Castagner:144
Cassie Stothers:143
Abdullah Soltan:104
Ian Currie:84
Round 2
Keeran Sivanesan:173
Cassie Stothers:147 (+4)
Gabe Castagner:145 (+1)
Abdullah Soltan:104
Ian Currie:84
Round 3
Keeran Sivanesan:189 (+16)
Gabe Castagner:175 (+30)
Cassie Stothers:162 (+15)
Abdullah Soltan:110 (+6)
Round 4
Keeran Sivanesan:217 (+28)
Gabe Castagner:189 (+14)
Cassie Stothers:185 (+23)
Round 5
[ELECTED] Keeran Sivanesan:295 (+78)
Gabe Castagner:247 (+58)
Abstain:446 (39.6%)

Gabriel Castagner


Hello everyone! My name is Gabe Castagner, I’m in my third year of Software and Game Design and I am campaigning for the AVP Events position for the 2017-2018 year.

The following are the goal that I wish to achieve for the new school year:

  • Give Social Committee the means to logistically plan for events so individuals can more directly present their ideas and represent them. This means individuals can collaborate on events they wish to see happen and then go on to participate in an active role for those events. I will take on the role of refining the events and doing a lot of the back end jobs such as providing the EOHSS paperwork. This allows Social Committee to become a more able and resourceful entity when designing event themes and details.
  • Provide more day time events that can better fit the schedules with people who are busy weekends and off campus students who have to commute to school. I also wish to include new kinds of pub nights to attract a different engineering audience by giving it the same support a traditional pub night would receive. This could be done through advertising, polls to sample what kind of pub night’s people want to see, and having a more flexible budget for these events.
  • Encourage more external faculty events and external school wide events.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me on Facebook or contact me at


Ian Currie

Coming soon!

Keeran Sivanesan


Hey guys, my name is Keeran Sivanesan, I am currently a second year Civil Engineering and Society student, and I’m running for the position of Associate Vice President Events. I am currently involved with teams such as the McMaster’s Seismic Design Team, Troitsky Bridge Building Competition, the Drain Swag Squad, 2nd year Civil Engineering Rep and a 2nd year Society Rep.

As the AVP Events, my role would be to ensure the background work, such as advertising, transportation, EOHSS forms, is completed with a great deal of quality and care.

I would like to offer more diverse events so all types of students will be able to connect with each other. Currently, pubs are the biggest event we run. Pubs are a great way to meet new people, and socialize in a non-academic setting. I believe we need to diversify the pubs, as I currently believe, only a portion of the society’s demographics are attending. I believe that trying to get more students to come to these events would be great for the Mac Eng community, as the greater our diversity gets, the stronger our society becomes.

There are many events such as networking events, academic stream information nights, and many more, and I plan on continuing these opportunities.

If you have any questions feel free message me on Facebook or send me an email at


Abdullah Soltan

Hello wonderful McMaster engineers!

I am pumped to have the opportunity to run for this great AVP Events position within the MES, and I am extremely excited and am looking forward to organizing all social events for the MES, while collaborating effectively with the social committee! I would love to further expand on current events and opportunities that are already available to students; while creating and bringing forward new ideas of my own to help further expand the types of events that students can reach out to, in order to cater to as many different groups of students present on our campus and to further expand on a more diverse and inclusive community! This will all be done in a way to ensure that all events are run efficiently and comfortably within our society!


I look forward to working with and for you all in the future, and hope to bring a great year ahead full of events catered to you! If you have any questions feel free to message me on Facebook or send me an email at


Facebook event

Cassie Stothers


My name is Cassie Stothers and I believe I would make a great AVP Events because I have new ideas and lots of energy to get them done to make next year memorable! In addition to our more annual events such as various pubs night and fireball, I want to implement more social day activities on the weekends that would appeal to a wider range of MES members, such as day ski trips, hikes and movies.  I believe I would be qualified for this position because this past year I participated on the social and culture committees. I am running because I am passionate about Mac ENG and the traditions we have.  It is key to get involved to make your university experience the best it can be.  I have grown this year as an individual through trying different activities, getting involved and making new friendships.  I am running because I want to share my passion with you.  Along with current annual events that has created this outstanding tradition, we can also build on new ones together as the community changes and grows. I believe social events are an integral part of our campus life and play a large role in fostering our sense of community.  If I am elected I believe I have the organizational and leadership qualities to facilitate a great year ahead for us! A vote for me would be a vote for making next year full of awesome events that will make the year unforgettable!

Parsa Beheshti


Hi there! My name is Parsa Beheshti and I am running to be your next AVP Services and Production! I am also one of four First Year Representatives of the MES Council. Through this position, I have had the pleasure of interacting with so many different students from all walks of life, and hearing their opinions on various issues that they would like to see addressed by the MES. Through this position, I want to tackle some of those, as well as building towards a better MES using the Long-Term Plan Document that outlines what should strive to improve on as a society. For more info, please visit




[ELECTED] Parsa Beheshti:519
Abstain:469 (41.7%)

Gabriel Marais


The AVP of Club and Sponsorships role requires good communication and people skills. I personally believe I have the required skills to be able to operate this role effectively. Throughout my life I have been put in situations where a leader is needed. During my four years in high school, I was part of the student’s council and I was elected president of our athletic council 2 of the 4 years. I also played many sports so I know how to properly interact with friends, teammates, and partners. As a first year myself, I know what first years expect and like/dislike regarding activities. As one of the roles the AVP of Clubs and Sponsorships is to guide the first year reps with their events, I can assure you I will be able to help first years adapt and feel welcomed through the planned activities. For the friends who I have made this year, they know I am a hard worker, a leader and will participate well in MES.

Good luck to all other participants in this election!


Aras Siddiqui


Hello everyone!! My name is Aras Siddiqui, I am in my first year of B. Tech Process Automation and I running to be your AVP Clubs And Sponsors. At McMaster University I am apart of many clubs such as McMaster SumoBot , SolarCar and the SOCS first year committee. I am avid member of our school’s engineering society and my experience working in cohesion with these clubs have given me the necessary skills to BEST REPRESENT YOU !

First Year REP:

I WILL help out and provide assistance to our first year reps and help them get the resources required to make first year an unforgettable experience for future students.


I WILL ensure that we can get more and better deals for our MES card and I am sure I am the best candidate as I have years of experience marketing to local businesses gathering sponsorships.


I WILL make sure that all organizations with McMaster’s Engineering Society have a firm understanding on obtaining sponsorships and consistently providing help whenever possible.

If u have any questions, quries or concerns do not hesistate to reach out to me, email at (


Jakub Szeliga

Coming soon!


Round 1
Gabriel Marais:230
Aras Siddiqui:146
Jakub Szeliga:105
Round 2
Gabriel Marais:233 (+3)
Aras Siddiqui:149 (+3)
Jakub Szeliga:108 (+3)
Round 3
[ELECTED] Gabriel Marais:275 (+42)
Aras Siddiqui:181 (+32)
Abstain:603 (53.6%)

Victor Chen

MES Director of PR V3

Hello everybody!

My name is Victor Chen and I am running to be your MES Director of Public Relations for the following year. For those of you unfamiliar with me, I am currently one of the MES’ first year representatives. As a first year representative, I’ve invested my time into the PDC, to help bring you all the Professional Development Conference. I’ve also been motioning for a more well-rounded first-year MES council and I am planning to present this change at the next SAGM, to ensure that every program in our faculty has at least some form of representation.

I have three main points of my campaign, as you’ve probably noticed from my poster. As Director of Public Relations, my vision is to create more career events as well as provide more career-building resources via the MES website. I also intend to bring forth events that are advertised better as well as more relevant to both Computer Science and Bachelor of Technology students. Now most importantly, to assure that students are able to maintain their mental well-being, my plan for next year, is to collaborate with the next VP Student-life to fully utilize my budget in creating events that’ll keep students motivated, successful, and ultimately, happy.

I appreciate that you’ve paid a visit to my platform! I encourage you check out my complete platform below, and to contact me at if you have any questions, concerns or criticisms. I look forward to what next year might bring us!


Julian Simeonov


Hi there! My name is Julian Simeonov and I’m running to be your MES Director of Public Relations.

I am an individual that is passionate about the MES, promoting what it does for its members and convincing others to get more involved in our community. I enjoy communicating with others, spreading positive vibes and sharing what the MES has to offer us as students.

As Director of PR I would want to:

  • Introduce an MES clubs and teams blog/vlog initiative and work with the next AVP Clubs and Sponsorship as well as MES clubs to help promote the many clubs and events of the MES through the use of media.Increase the use of social media to  increase awareness of the many great initiatives that MES offers us students that people may be unfamiliar with.
  • Organize MES events and initiatives that promote community and giving back to others. This would include events that would raise money for charity as well as fun events that would just bring the community together.
  • Share and promote the many great events that the MES holds every year for students and the community, such as MES clubfests, Movember events, and Santa Hog as well as promoting the many great clubs and opportunities that the MES has for students to get involved within the community.

Thanks for reading and make sure to vote on March 7th-9th!

If you have any questions about me or my campaign, please feel free to email me at


Riya Suthar


Hey Mac Eng! My name is Riya Suthar and I am running to be your Director of Public Relations for the year 2017-2018.

I believe that I can be a good addition and bring a fresh perspective to the society. Through planning and promoting large events for organizations in the past, such as Relay for Life, I have learnt the importance of communication, outreach and collaboration. Additionally, I was actively involved with an organization for adults with developmental disabilities, and I helped create and oversee their events. On a smaller scale, I was a member of my high school’s student council all 4 years and within that time, I helped plan events, such as banquets, and used many forms of communication for promotional purposes. My ability to be responsible, determined and approachable strengthened because of my involvement in these various leadership roles.
As a prospective candidate for this position, there are initiatives that I would execute if elected. This involves hosting an increased amount of charity events for local causes. Therefore, McMaster Engineering can give back to the Hamilton community. Additionally, I value listening to new perspectives so I intend to create events that bring together different faculties to become better connected within the campus. I also plan on highlighting the diversity that is within Mac Eng by sharing accomplishments and stories of students on various social media platforms.  If you have questions or concerns, I can be quickly reached by my email These are things that I am passionate about, so let’s make a change together.



Round 1
Victor Chen:257
Riya Suthar:190
Julian Simeonov:133
Round 2
Victor Chen:259 (+2)
Riya Suthar:191 (+1)
Julian Simeonov:134 (+1)
Round 3
[ELECTED] Victor Chen:314 (+55)
Riya Suthar:235 (+44)
Abstain:518 (46.0%)

Harshdeep Dhunna


Hi, my name is Harshdeep Dhunna, and I’m running to become your Director of Sports for the upcoming year. I am part of the McMaster Engineering Rugby team, play intramural volleyball, and am a regular at the Pulse.

As Director of Sport, I plan to introduce new ideas that will get more students in the engineering faculty to participate within McMaster athletic community. I want to introduce interuniversity sports for engineers where we may host or travel to neighboring universities for sports tournaments to play against other engineering faculties. This would allow more people to get involved in sports, as well as network with students at other universities.

For the upcoming year, I’d also like to utilize the large TV’s in the JHE lobby to stream sporting events such as Bluejay’s or Raptor’s games. This would allow the JHE lobby to become a more casual area where people can go in between class considering there is more than enough space and seating.

Many people already play fantasy sports, I’d like to start a competitive fantasy league for engineers where students can test their knowledge of the game against their peers. This would allow students to connect and blow off steam through sports without the physical exhaustion.

Lastly I’d like to keep students informed of sporting events and perks that the MES provides such as a bursary to 80% engineering intramural teams. It’s small pieces of information like this that can get more engineers involved in sports at McMaster.


Aisha Isiaka


Hi! My name is Aisha Isiaka and i’ll be running for the director of sports next year. In this position, I will be overseeing events of initiated intramural teams, sports as well as future clubs that are brought into discussion. Being in Engineering, a great way to let loose of stress would be to physically get active and relieve the tension of midterms. As director of sports, i’ll facilitate any clubs and make sure your voice is heard.

Personally, I have been very passionate about the sports I played which had a big impact on me and it would be a great experience if I get to share my interests in the MES council. I loved the events like pub nights, academic flush, dodgeball tournament and even the assassins game that was initiated. Hence, i would love to follow through and get involved. This would include FIFA tournaments, ESPN nights, badminton drop ins and even a whole day planned out for just sports and games. Although not everyone may not be physically as active as others, I would also take that into account that intramurals can range from basketball to video games. Therefore, introducing COD nights, smash bros or even mario kart tournaments.

If elected, I’ll make sure all sports ideas are put through the MES council. Vote for me as director of sports 2017-2018

Thank you



Round 1
Aisha Isiaka:268
Harshdeep Dhunna:213
Round 2
[ELECTED] Aisha Isiaka:278 (+10)
Harshdeep Dhunna:219 (+6)
Abstain:579 (51.4%)

Department and Program Reps

Tommy Siuda

Hey everyone! My name is Tommy Siuda and I am in my second year of Civil Engineering and Society. I am running to be your MES Civil Representative next year.

I had the pleasure of being a second year representative for the Civil Engineering Society this year. I aided in running CES events throughout the year including the planning of a future CES event that will be run in April with my fellow second year representatives. I would like to further expand on my skills and abilities to help serve the civil engineering student body as its liaison with the MES.

Thank you and feel free to send me an email at if you have any questions.


[ELECTED] Tommy Siuda:83
Abstain:9 (9.2%)

Lacey Wice

Coming soon!


[ELECTED] Lacey Wice:75
Abstain:9 (9.5%)

Andrea Obungen

DSC_7677 (2)

Hi! My name is Andrea and I am running to be your chemical engineering representative on the MES council. You may notice my name is the only one on the ballot for this position (next to abstain). This is exactly why I am running: not because I am unopposed but because it would be a shame to not have a connection between our department and the MES. My job now is to tell you why I’m a better choice than having no one at all.

A little about me, I’m in my second year of chemical and bioengineering. When I’m not studying, you can find me running fundraising events for Engineers Without Borders, helping recruit our next fleet of students with the Recruitment Office, building props out of duct tape and cardboard for the Engineering Musical or most likely sleeping.

If elected as your chem rep, I would act as a bridge between our chem society and the MES. I would ensure you are informed of the exciting events and opportunities with the MES but also ensure that the MES knows how great our society is. Given this position, I also hope to create more inter-department events. One of my favourite events this year was the Chem & Civil Coffeehouse and I hope to bring many more events like these.

If you have any questions, concerns or even suggestions, feel free to contact me through facebook, email ( or come say hello! I’d be more than happy to chat!



[ELECTED] Andrea Obungen:117
Abstain:17 (12.1%)

MJ Lindsay


Hey, I’m MJ Lindsay and I’m running for Software Rep in the MES 2017 elections. I’m in my third year of Software Eng & Society.

There are three main points in my platform. First I would work towards being a better representative for regular Software students between the Software Department Society and the MES. Secondly I want to create better transparency between Software students, the Department Society and the MES. Many student do not know what either the MES or the Department does for Software students. I want to work towards students having a better understanding of the inner workings of both. Finally I want to bring the specific issues and ideas Software Student have to the attention of the MES and the Department. I want to implement better communication between Software Students and their Student societies.



[ELECTED] MJ Lindsay:56
Abstain:13 (16.7%)

Elena Grigoras


Hey guys! I’m running to be your next ECE Rep. As ECE Rep I would sit on both the MES council and the ECE council. On the ECE council I want to advocate for more review sessions for Electrical and Computer Engineering classes. Most of us are struggling academically, or are always looking to improve, and this would allow more students to achieve their goals. On the MES council, I will make sure to voice the concerns of ECE students, and advocate for policies and actions which reflect the best interest of ECE students. Overall, I hope to be a link between the MES and ECE that advocates for all of you. I have been on the ECE council for a year now, and my position as Kipling Coordinator means I often attend MES meetings, so I am familiar with how both councils operate. I am open to suggestions! My very professional picture is above, feel free to approach me anytime and we can chat. Thank you for your consideration.


Devin Jhaveri

Coming soon!



[ELECTED] Elena Grigoras:93
Devin Jhaveri:30
Abstain:18 (12.0%)

Helena Turgeon


Hey guys! My name is Helena and I’m currently in second year Mechatronics. The 2017-2018 MES General Election is coming up very shortly, and I’m running to be the next Mechatronics Representative.

This year I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Mechatronics Society (MMS) as a Second Year Representative, and I hope to continue advocating for Tron on the MES this upcoming school year. I plan on bridging the gap between the MES and the MMS and letting everyone in Tron know about the events coming from both sides.

Feel free to send me a Facebook message if you have any questions.



[ELECTED]: Helena Turgeon62
Abstain:10 (12.2%)

Carley German

Coming soon!


[ELECTED] Carley German:37
Abstain:4 (9.5%)

Michael Jobity


Hello world!! My name is Michael Jobity and I am running to be your Engineering Physics Representative for the McMaster Engineering Society. I am SUPER THRILLED to be a part of this campaign and looking forward to making your experience at McMaster one to remember!

Being in Engineering Physics, I tend to look at the stars at night, follow Bill Nye the Science Guy on Instagram, tell everyone how AWESOME Interstellar is, and write out equations on white boards for the sake of writing equations out on white boards.

Apart from studying one of the coolest subjects ever, I spend a lot of time working with the MSU as a Maroons Representative, volunteering for the annual MSU presidential elections, recruiting students as Student Liaison Officer for the Canadian Nuclear Society, and playing piano in a co-founded jazz and funk band!

If elected as your representative, I will make sure we are involved in all the exciting and “electrifying” events hosted by the MES! I will also strengthen the link between our engineering physics society and the MES, inform you of important events relating to networking and career opportunities, and take your suggestions in making 2017-2018 the best years of your undergraduate career!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, feel free to contact me at! You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram under “Michael Jobity”. Have an amazing day!


[ELECTED] Michael Jobity:47
Abstain:1 (2.0%)

George Padeigis

Hey BioMeds & BioEng!

My name is George Padeigis, and I am so happy to be running to represent you guys on the MES as your BEAMS Rep 🙂

I have a ton of things planned for next year and can’t wait to craft the future of this society with you! Expect even better socials, great marketing, scaled up events (with that same closely knit family feel), in addition to Industry nights of even greater prominence (in collaboration with our friends in the COOP Office). I can’t wait to get to work on these events with you.

On another note, a quick update! We have a few more events planned for BEAMS before the year is up! I’ll be looking forward to announcing them in the coming days and weeks, including a BP night, a graduate studies networking event, and a ChemBio ElecBio comparison night for first years! I hope to see everyone there!

Recently I was elected the President of the Biomedical Engineering At McMaster Society (BEAMS) for the coming 2017-8 school year, by an incredibly supportive, experienced, and forwardthinking committee. I really hope to make them proud and make you proud with the faith you guys have placed in me. As President of our society, I feel I’m uniquely positioned to really advocate on multiple levels and committees so that we in Chemical and Bioengineering and Electrical and Biomedical Engineering have the best possible experience.

Next year on the MES, I hope to be able to expand our influence and scope at BEAMS, support our ever increasing cohort, and advocate for more support from both the MES and the MSU – really pushing the boundaries of what an engineering society can do for you 🙂



[ELECTED] George Padeigis:69
Abstain:19 (20.4%)

Gabriel Gebril

Hey everyone, my name is Gabriel.

I’m in first year Computer Science and one of the first year Computer Science sSciety reps. I’ve been programming since as far back as my memory goes and I’ve been passionate about all things technology for just as long.

When I saw how difficult it was to get involved in computer science related activities at mcmaster proper I decided I had to run for Computer Science representative. Hackathons are great but they feel very temporary and once they end you feel like you’ve been disconnected from a group. Especially as a first year I feel that as small a program as computer science is, it is difficult to feel part of a larger community.

Here is where I come in! It won’t be easy, but with the help of all the talented people running the computer science society and the other clubs like phaseOne I think we can work together to make computer science feel like a tight knit community instead of just a small program attached to engineering.




[ELECTED] Gabriel Gebril:36
Abstain:8 (16.0%)

Christie Condron


Hey reader! My name is Christie Condron, and I am in Mechatronics and Management III, running to be your Engineering and Management representative.  As the Engineering and Management representative for the 2016/2017 year, I have gained a lot of valuable experience that I believe would be beneficial going forward into the 2017/2018 year!

Last year, I was determined to develop a stronger connection between the engineering management students and the McMaster Engineering and Management Society (MEMS).  Through student outreach, I believe I achieved this goal of reaching out to various management students who were not necessarily involved with the society and its benefits beforehand.

With the experience that I have gained through sitting on the MES council and MEMS, I am driven to create a better feedback system for management students to voice their concerns.  From the courses that management students take, to the events MEMS host and anything in between, I believe management students should have an easy and accessible way to voice their concerns.   I will be looking into developing a more transparent way of doing this.

Thank you for reading!  I appreciate your support in this campaign.



[ELECTED] Christie Condron:120
Abstain:35 (21.0%)

Quinn Shobbrook

Hi my name is Quinn Shobbrook, and I am running to be your Engineering and Society representative for the 2017-2018 school year. As your current rep, for the past year I have been representing Society students in the MES as well in our department club ESSA. Through my first term I have voted on policies, and made my voice heard on issues that matter to you; I really enjoy my role and I hope you will re-elect me for Engineering and Society rep.


[ELECTED] Quinn Shobbrook:91
Abstain:9 (8.5%)

Elected Positions Descriptions

VP Student Life

The VP Student Life is responsible for managing the non-academic initiatives run by the MES. These include the Groups, Teams and Affiliates under the MES umbrella, as well as any special events that happen throughout the year. The VP Student Life oversees the AVP Clubs and Sponsors, AVP Events and Director of Sports and facilitates communications within the MES. They will also supervise any initiatives related to student well-being and diversity. The VP Student Life is also responsible for the assembly and distribution of the MESsenger newsletter.

For more information regarding this role, please contact

VP Academic

The VP Academic is responsible for advocating on behalf of engineering student academic concerns to the Faculty of Engineering and the MSU’s Academic Affairs Council. This individual is required to attend meetings concerning curriculum changes, student performance and admissions to McMaster Engineering. Furthermore, the VP Academic is responsible for overseeing the SAAP Coordinator, Academic Resource Coordinator and McMaster Engineering Competition Coordinator positions.

For more information regarding the VP Academic position, contact the current VP Academic at

AVP Events

The Associate Vice President Events organizes all social events for the MES with the support of the Social Committee; these include pub nights and road trips. They ensure that the MES offers a variety of activities that will appeal to many different groups of students. The AVP Events is in charge of making sure that all events run smoothly and are full approved by working with the EOHSS office.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current AVP Events at

AVP Clubs and Sponsors

The Associate Vice President Clubs and Sponsors helps students through the process of becoming an MES-affiliated group, and works with the First Year Reps to help them pull off first year events. They maintain relationships with current sponsors, and oversee the procurement and retention of MESCard deals. They also work with the existing MES Affiliates, Groups and Teams to answer administrative questions and help iron out problems they may run into logistically.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current AVP Clubs and Sponsors at

Director of Sports

The Director of Sports must oversee the advertisement and distribution of intramural funding, and facilitate the creation of Mac Eng intramural teams. They facilitate various sports clubs such as the MES Running Club and MES Squash Ladder and organize sporting events throughout the year with the help of the Sports Committee, along with any other new sports initiatives. They also organize the annual Ratboy Soccer Tournament. The Director of Sport also gets creative freedom to put together any sport-related event or club they and their committee desire.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current Director of Sports at

VP Finance & Administration

The VP Finance is primarily responsible for the allocation and management of MES funds. They oversee the AVP Services and Productions, AVP Clubs and Sponsors and Drain Coordinators, as well as sitting on the macLAB Board of Directors. In addition to day-to-day monetary transactions and operations, the VP Finance acts in tandem with the AVP Clubs and Sponsors to financially support MES Groups and Teams. Objectivity and strong communication abilities are key for the VP Finance, as well as punctuality and initiative for those situations where time is tight and student money is on the line.

For more information regarding the VP Finance position, contact the current VP Finance at

VP External

The role of the VP External is to represent the MES on the councils of the Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario (ESSCO) and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), to liaise with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and Professional Engineers Ontario, and to collect and distribute all external Society correspondence. Internally, the VP External will oversee professional development events, inform the student body of available conferences and competitions and organize delegations, handle the open and closed conference funds and maintain the resource centre. The VP External also oversees the Director of Public Relations.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current VP Externals at

AVP Services and Productions

The Associate Vice President Services and Productions oversees the creation and editing of the MES publications: the Plumbline, the Frequency and the Handbook. They push to advertise the miscellany of MES services through various media and facilitate the rental of the MES projector, tent, trailer and camera. The AVP Services and Productions makes sure the student body stays entertained and informed of how the MES helps them; in the process, they get to control the quality of the publications and gain experience with promotions and keep many of the MES’s day-to-day offerings running smoothly.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current AVP Services and Productions at

Director of Public Relations

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for promoting the activities and initiatives of the MES to the university, the faculty, and the community. They are in charge of managing the MES’s presence on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, so they must be able to manage multiple communication channels simultaneously. Additionally, the Director of PR develops new charity initiatives and works with the Culture Committee to organize traditional charity initiatives. It is also their duty to advertise MES run events and the services that the society offers.

For more information regarding the position, contact the current director at

Department and Program Representatives

Department and Program Representatives represent their streams for macLAB, organize quorum for SAGM, liaise with their department society and advertise MES endeavours and events to their streams and peers. They also attend both MES meetings and department society meetings. Department Reps should have strong oral communication skills, as well as the diplomatic abilities to advocate points between the MES and their respective Department Society.

Department representatives : Chemical, Civil, Computing & Software, Electrical & Computer, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Engineering Physics

Program representatives : BEAMS (Chem & Bio and Elec & Biomed), Computer Science, Engineering & Management, Engineering & Society