MES General Elections

MES General Elections have begun! The MES is of a wide variety of positions fulfilling a number of responsibilities. Campaigning is running from March 5th – March 12th with voting running from March 13th – March 15th.

Check out the candidate blurbs posted below!

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MES Executive

Nicholas Aubry

Program/Year: Chemical Engineering and Management V


2017-2018: 16 month Internship – Operations / Production Support Intern

2016-2017: ChemEng Club Executive and MES Hockey Coordinator

2015-2016: MES Frequency Co-Editor

My Platform


The VP Finance position is already very well defined with many key responsibilities. I plan to, for the most part, keep it simple and ensure the existing responsibilities are done both efficiently and with quality, which I think I will be able to do with my background. – ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’


One big thing I want to work towards is improving the turn around time between requesting funds, and receipt of said funds. From personal experience I know it’s not fun having a large chunk of floating money out there, especially when living off a student’s income. I want to implement a self-tracking measurement to measure the turn around time for issuing funds, and work towards continuously lowering that time.


The last main goal of my platform is to increase the openness of the MES finances and budgets. I would like to leverage some of the tools I’ve learned on my internship to portray real-time or relatively up-to-date weekly/bi-weekly statistics of where the MES’ Money has been spent, and the remaining balances in each budget line. That way you all will know where YOUR money is being spent.

I’m open to all questions either on my Facebook event page or through my email at

Melissa Cusack

Hi! I’m Melissa Cusack and I’m running to be your next VP External. In my three years in Chemical Engineering & Society here at McMaster I have become passionate about connecting students to greater provincial and federal networks and using conferences to bring back initiatives that benefit students.


The first conference that I ever attended was the Ontario Nature Youth Summit on Biodiversity when I was a whopping 14 years old. Believe it or not, I got the conference bug and have been amazed by the inspiration that connected, passionate youth can bring back to their communities after these types of experiences. This excitement has encouraged me to pursue conferences and external relations throughout my extracurriculars, school, and work.

My experience as AVP External on the Chemical Engineering Club, VP Social on the Engineering and Society Student Association, and being a member of the CFES’ Sustainability Working group has prepared me to effectively advocate for the student bodies concerns, understand the role that individual engineering societies play within the CFES and ESSCO, and supervise the Professional Development Committee and other on campus initiatives stemming from conferences.

            My main platform points cover bringing in training for Council, building stronger connections with PEO, posting conference descriptions on the MES website, getting student voices into the ECCS and Engineering Recruitment, continuing to evaluate our CFES and ESSCO membership, bringing in sustainability initiatives, and continuing provincial and federal advocacy.

            For more information on my platform points check out:

Victor Chen


My name is Victor Chen and I am running to be your next VP-Academic. As a brief introduction, I’m your current Director of Public Relations, and the Microsoft student representative at McMaster.

Here’s what I plan on doing if you elect me to be your VP-Academic:

Experiential Learning

Our co-op office has been rapidly adapting the way they function, we should as well. I would ideally like to provide more workshops that are done with faculty, alumni, or employers to give our students more of an opportunity to bridge what they learn in school, with what they hope to do in the future (i.e. work or research).

Transparent Feedback

Right now the primary method of voicing your concerns with your program and courses are via the course reviews that you could do at the end of each course, and you never actually hear back on how your feedback was considered. I plan on introducing a more transparent academic feedback system that would be more easily accessible and responsive to your opinions.

Technical Elective Selection

I will be looking to expand on the range of technical electives that engineering students have available, so essentially giving credit to courses that are excluded from their streams but are nevertheless relevant. Alongside everything else, I will also be pushing for the introduction of a machine learning course that would be fully self-encapsulated and open to all engineering streams.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask me any questions about my platform points!

Ian Currie

Ian Currie is running for the position as your VP Academic and plans on developing the MES services such that they serve its members better than ever before.  As VP Academic, Ian plans on taking responsibility for relationships with the Engineering Coop and Career Services office, a task which currently falls under the role of the VP External.  In working with the ECCS, Ian would look at developing a solution to improve communication between students and the ECCS.  He would also work to develop relationships between ECCS and department societies to plan effective technical interview preparation events and resources.  Ian also plans to work with the Academic Affairs Council and the faculty to ensure students have their rights observed, even while under review for a charge of academic dishonesty, an issue which has come up regularly as the faculty works to improve the integrity of the program.  He would also ensure students know of the support available to them when dealing with academic dishonesty affairs.  Finally, Ian plans to oversee the further development of core MES services; the textbook library would see better advertising, and a focus on restocking with textbooks needed for in-class midterms; while cookies and cram sessions would see more structure and communication with the tutors, as well as providing services for B-Tech and Computer Sciences courses.  You can find out more about Ian’s campaign at, where he will be happy to answer any questions you have about his role in the MES this upcoming year.

Kat Lemos

The VP Student Life has quite a lot of responsibilities within the MES, the over-arching one being the actual quality of the life of students. 

My plan for this year focuses on three main points, first of which is amping up Frost Week. By starting off second term on a high note, I believe we can effectively combat the second semester slump. Frost week is designed to be a “Welcome Back” event following winter holidays, and is a fantastic opportunity to join a new club or team for the spring term, make a new friend, or just celebrate being back in Hamilton. 

Secondly, I plan to refresh pub nights. Our pub nights are a lot of fun, and something that we love to share with other faculties. My goal is to improve the structure of ticket sales, by making them available to all students while ensuring they remain accessible to primarily engineering students. 

Finally, I want to make Hatch more functional for students. The Gerald Hatch Centre has a large budget for student space, and I want to make better use of it. Our student centre is a hub for students, clubs, and teams. Hatch is our building, and we can make it work better for us. 

I look forward to working with all of you, and hope to make this a great year! Come talk to me if you have any questions or just want to chat. 

Michael Boulos

Hey everyone! My name’s Michael Boulos, mostly known as Boulos, and I am running to be your VP Student Life for the 2018/2019 year. If you have an questions, queries, comments, concerns, or otherwise, feel free to post them here on this event page or email me at

VP student life is managerial role in the Engineering Society, ensuring wellness, events, and clubs and sponsors all operate smoothly. VP student life is also the right hand person (and shoulder to cry on) for the MES president, as per the MES policy manual, VPSL will also act as the President in all capacities in the latter’s absence.

–> A More Efficient MES:
–> Fixing the website:
–> Putting the FUN in MES:

I will also be posting more points on this page as campaign week continues. Please keep an eye out!

I am currently a 4th year civil student on my co-op term at a consultation firm doing project management. My work term has shown me how important both communication and scheduling can be, and I hope to apply that to the MES. I was also the director of sport for the 2016/2017 year, was a part of MES committees, a McMaster representative at congress, and involved with Mac Eng musical. I have a variety of experiences that make me more than qualified for the position.

Please see for details on my campaign points and additional campaign points throughout the week!


Erin Nunn

Hi Mac Eng!!

My name is Erin Nunn and I am in my second year of Engineering Physics and Society. I am running to be your next AVP Clubs and Sponsorship. This role involves gaining deals for the MES card and working with clubs and teams to ensure a great year with the MES.

If elected, something that I would like to work on is continuing to create a connection with Saigon. The goal of this is to give MES card holders discounts at the restaurant. I would love to look into working with other businesses as well, with a focus on what students want and what would benefit the society as a whole.

I would also like to look into the long term of working with teams and clubs. One of the roles of the AVP Clubs and Sponsorship is to allocate funds to groups associated with the MES. I would like to have very open communication with these groups and make their experiences as successful as possible.

I think I would be well suited for the position of AVP Clubs and Sponsorship. I am approachable and enthusiastic, and am able to get work done. I would love to hear from you and am always open to ideas and criticism. Send me an email at or check out my Facebook page. I love to talk!!

Alex Moica

Sirak Haile

Hello, my name is Sirak. I am currently in my second year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and I’m running for the position of AVP Events. I am currently the Wellness Co-Ordinator for the McMaster Engineering Society and the secretary for the McMaster Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. I am running for this position to get more people involved with McMaster Engineering through events, that allow students to meet new people.

My main platforms include establishing more non-drinking events throughout the year, getting more people involved in those events through bringing more advertisements of events and rewarding students who come out to the events, and lastly, improving pub nights by introducing new night clubs.

More information on my platform can be found in here:

If you have any questions or would have a chat, you can message me on Facebook or send an e-mail at

Leisha Fernando

Hello everyone, my name is Leisha Fernando and I am in my first year of engineering and am running for the position as AVP Events. I am currently one of the First Year Representatives on the council, and would like to continue my involvement on the MES through this position.

My main plan for the year is to try and increase student involvement through events that are held through the MES. Collectively, student involvement has decreased and that is reflective of the attractiveness of events to the students. My goal is find the root of why students are not interested in events and then based of those results, restructure what events happen and how to better involve students.

I would implement this by working to change the times at which some of these events take place, since they can run really close to midterm seasons. One of the first ways to increase student involvement is to choose a time in which most of our students are able to attend them.

Finally, I would look to better not only the pub nights but the non-drinking events that are held. There is a large student population that do not participate in drinking events but deserve to enjoy the fun of events as well and I plan to allow them to do so.

More information can be found at

I look forward to meeting you all and feel free to come talk to me or email me at

Department Representatives

Julian Simeonov

My name is Julian Simeonov and I’m running to be the Mechanical Engineering rep for 2018/2019. If elected as the Mechanical rep I aim to improve the relationship and communication with the Mechanical Engineering club in order to foster a better relationship with the club so that together we can plan more events and create cool swag for Mech. Eng. students here at Mac. If elected I would also aim to work with ECCS and members of our faculty to bring students an industry night geared towards Mechanical Engineering students.
If you have any questions about me or my campaign, feel free to email me at

Arrin Falk-Dotan

I am Arrin Falk-Dotan and I’m running to be your Mechanical Engineering Rep for the upcoming 2018/2019 school year. I’m currently in my second year of Mechanical Engineering here at Mac and have been involved in several MES clubs and teams over the past 2 years. I’ve loved my time in Mechanical Engineering but I believe that there is room for improvement. Please visit my facebook page ( for more info on my campaign and how to contact me.

Aya Aboughanem

Kaylie Lau

My name is Kaylie Lau and I am currently in my second year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and I am the BioEngineering At McMaster Society’s (BEAMS) Second Year Representative and VP External. I have had the opportunity to play an integral part in organizing the Industry Night where various biomedical and bioengineering companies came to speak with students. I am also working to help organize the upcoming second lecture in our Lecture Series, where a McMaster professor delivers a talk about their research. As the MES Bioengineering Representative, I want to ensure that BEAMS continues to improve the events mentioned above as well as create even more.

By making sure that there is communication and collaboration between BEAMS and the MES, I will help to foster a strong bond between these two societies. I will also work towards advocating for BEAMS so that we can gain more support from the MES and continue to progress. I will make sure that this society can not only continue to accommodate the increasing number of those in bio-related streams but also to make sure that you all have the best possible undergraduate experience.

I will work hard to ensure that BEAMS is working for you!

Desmond Kennedy

Amy Gullins

Hassan Elaghoury

Cassandra Stothers

My name is Cassandra Stothers and I believe I would make a great Chemical Engineering Representative because I have lots of great ideas and lots of energy to get them done to make next year great! I believe I would be qualified for this position because this past year I participated on several committees under the MES. In addition to being involved in our department by attending Chem Eng Club events and attending the Chemical Engineering Conference. I am passionate and proud of our department. I believe the social aspects of engineering life are an integral part and play a large role in fostering our sense of community. If I am elected I believe I have the organizational and leadership qualities to facilitate a great a great next year for us! A vote for me would be a vote making next year full of awesome opportunities for chemical engineering students by continuing an active collaboration between Chem
Eng Club and the MES. Most of all I want to represent you and make sure your chemical engineering
concerns are heard by the right people.

Natasha Varghese

Andrew Aslanidis

As an Engineering and Society student, Andrew believes in the power of multidisciplinary engineers. With a seat on the MES Council, Andrew hopes to bring an emphasis for leadership, extracurricular activities, and other initiatives that enrich the lives of engineering students at McMaster. He also hopes to help ESSA run their events and engage with Society students effectively, so that all Society students can have a voice in decisions surrounding their program. Finally, Andrew wants to increase awareness of the Society program in general, in order to inform Level 1 engineering students and even high school students who are interested in engineering in McMaster.

Alexie McDonald

Brendan Tomaiuolo