Want to Become Involved?

MecVT Wants You!
…To get involved with the team!

If you missed our last meeting, here’s what’s on the table for the summer:
Carpool II – New gel coat, BBQ
Carpool III – Re-stain/Repair deck
Hovercraft – Continue work. Install drive engine.
Tempo – Convert to lightweight bedracer.
Motorized Shopping Cart – New brakes, sprocket and chain, repaint.

I’m probably missing things here, but we’ve got a lot planned!
The amount we get done is directly proportional to how many people we have to work on the projects.

If you’re interested in helping with any of the above projects, and are available in the summer, please send us an email.
We’re also looking for project team managers, so if you’re interested, let us know!
Also, did you hear? The ExCEL referendum passed with flying colours. Shop space for future MecVTers!
Also on that note, MecVT needs a representative to be part of the ExCEL ‘User Groups’.
If you’re interested in becoming involved in the ExCEL design process, this is your chance!

Good luck with your exams!