First Meeting

Welcome (back) to school! Hopefully you’ve had an excellent summer, because MecVT sure has!

The team has a brand new vehicle, and it’s a 4-speed manual! Details at the meeting!

The McMaster Engineering Custom Vehicle Team (MecVT) is happy to announce that we’re having our first team meeting of the year.


Who: YOU!
When: Monday, September 24 @ 6:30PM
Where: JHE 219


Here’s a few things on the agenda:

Intro to the team / executive members

The Hamilton Santa Claus Parade

Top Gear nights

New projects. (Tron bike? Drift car?)

Any crazy ideas you all might have

Talk about fast cars/bikes and cool gadgets

Work to be done on the cars – Carpool 2 needs a new hitch mount for example

Carpool 3,Ford Festiva “Superleggera”, Motorized Shopping Cart

The Hovercraft…

Basic car maintenance, including oil changes, brake work etc.


We can’t wait to see you there!