About MecVT

We Can Do Anything with Nothing

MecVT is the group responsible for creating and maintaining unique Engineering vehicles to promote McMaster Engineering. Our current vehicles such as Carpool 3, the Project Racecar, the Festiva, the Rally Car Project, and Mod Max Shelley can and will be seen at many Engineering events.

There is no skill needed to join the group, it’s all about learning and being awesome! If you want to build something questionable, interesting, cool, slightly dangerous, or just learn how to change brakes on a car, join our group. We are always welcoming new members to bring new ideas, new skills, and just a helping hand whenever they can.

Please e-mail us at: the.mecvt@gmail.com for more details and to get on the MecVT mailing list!

P.S. “We can do anything with nothing”, check out the Kipling ring out front of J.H.E. and read.

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