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Two Events

Have you seen MecVT around?

We were at two events in the past few weeks.
A combined MES Canada day / March break tours event was a success.
Beach Day was also a lot of fun. Glad everyone enjoyed the carpool!

This post really should have been before the Team meeting post, but c’est la vie!

Team Meeting

MecVT is holding a general team meeting.
When: Monday March 26th @7:00 PM
Where: JHE 265 (The same room we watched Top Gear)

We’ll be discussing plans and projects for the summer and the fate of Deloris the Tempo (Beater Car).
Also, if you’re interested in helping to run the team, we’re going to be discussing additions to our executive team for next year!

Send us an email if you can’t make it, and we’ll fill you in.
Now that the weather is warming up, we can’t wait to get working on many of our projects!

ExCEL Building

Have you heard about the new ExCEL building?
It’s going to give McMaster Engineering students a place to apply their knowledge with hands-on learning. This building is important to MecVT as it will give us a heated shop space, and allow us to work year round!

Check out the official webpage for more info.

Also, check out this sweet video featuring MecVT!

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Top Gear Nights

A new season of Top Gear is upon us.
Series 18 started airing this past Sunday. The McMaster Engineering Custom Vehicle Team will be holding a series of Top Gear nights in JHE 265 on Monday evenings at 7PM, which has started this week on February 6th. We have shown Episodes 1 and 2.

JHE 265 is a nice board room with a big LCD TV, and all episodes will be shown in HD! (With a 2.1 sound system!) Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Future dates:
February 13
March 5
March 12
March 19
Also, we’ve taken a yearbook photo yesterday!


Not Present: Thai Dang, Eric Phillips-Sheldon, Mike Kovacs, Maggie Szkarlat, Ben Kinsella, and a few others.

Santa Claus Parade 2011

Were you there?
MecVT had a good turnout, and the Redsuits did a great job bringing Mac Eng spirit to the parade!
Unfortunately our Ford Tempo “Deloris” stalled mid-parade and needed to be pushed.
Thanks to the McMaster Engineering Mini BAJA team for your help.
It was great to have the Baja car in the parade!
In the next two weeks, expect to see a repair/build day for the tempo, AND a Top Gear UK night.
Click HERE for more pictures.


MecVT Work Day

What a great event!
MecVT had a great turnout for the day. Work was done on all of our cars.
Tempo, Carpool II and Carpool III got a good cleaning in preperation for Santa Clause parade.
Thanks for coming out! Muah!

Work Day: Thursday November 3rd

Hello team!
MecVT is running a Work Day behind JHE starting promptly at 1:00PM
We have two oil changes to perform, on Carpool 3 and a 2004 Jeep TJ.
We’ll also be winterizing Carpool 3 and talking about winter car prep and driving techniques.
If you didn’t get the event email, contact us at and we’ll put you on the mailing list for future events
See you out there!

Our Cars Need a Home!

Hi again everyone
MecVT is looking for good homes for some of our vehicles to be stored. Garage space is ideal, but a driveway works as well.
Must be close to campus. Contact us at with the subject “Car Storage”
Don’t miss out on the chance to keep our unique vehicles at your place!