MES Presidential Elections

MES Presidential Elections have begun! The MES President is responsible for representing he undergraduate engineering student body and to lead the MES. Campaigning is running from January 17th – January 24th with polling running from January 24th – January 26th. Following polling, the successful candidate will be announced at Fireball.

Check out the candidate blurbs posted below!

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Presidential Candidates

Liam McDermott

Hi my name is Liam McDermott and I am running to become your President for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am a fourth year Materials Engineering & Management student who still has a lot to offer the MES. I plan on using my past experiences as The Vice President of Finance & Administration, The Vice President of Academics and Academic Resource Coordinator to serve you one last time.

My platform is about reaffirming the MES’ identity. The MES prides itself in being a very inclusive community through its practices and clubs & teams but it does not outwardly show it as its own entity. We need to have a statement of equal employment opportunities so that those from the outside know that we value diversity and wish to protect it. Which is why I also plan on introducing an Ombudsman so that there is someone specifically for safeguarding our diversity.

I also wish to make the long term plan public. Since 2014 the MES executives have been working on it as something to strive for but our members should know what the long term goals of the MES are. I love the fact that we have a plan but the MES needs to be more transparent about it and show it to more than just the MES council. This will also help the MES with its identity as people will know the values that the MES stands for.

In terms of the website I have two goals. The first goal is for the MES executive and AVPs to better utilise the website by producing articles for the blog so that there is more variety as the majority of the content relates to Welcome Week. The second goal is to have a room booking system. If the MES council fails to produce a booking system by the time the new council is ratified then the MES will look for outside help whether it be the faculty or a third party.

The MES needs some positional restructuring. The two Directors, Sports and Public Relations should become appointed positions as their portfolios tend to overlap with other positions like the AVP Events and VP External. Those positions already vote on behalf of those portfolios is there’s no need for the extra votes.

 The next thing I would like to change is the Wellness Coordinators, they should be turned into the Associate Vice President of Wellness. Additionally the way we approach wellness should be going beyond stress busters. The AVP of Wellness would ideally work with the University so that students can better access workshops to address Mental Health and destigmatize mental health issues. I am not saying this for the sake of using buzzwords but as someone with General Anxiety Disorder and Dysthymia.

Lastly I would allow the current President (Michael Meier) to continue his Redsuit revamp once he leaves his office.

I also encourage you to read the rest of my platform points on my campaign website and Facebook Page