McMaster Seismic Team

McMaster’s Seismic Design Team is a group of diverse and driven students who aim to learn and apply technical skills to real world challenges. We focus on analysing and innovating solutions to seismologic challenges through research sessions, collaborations, and testing. This year, our team was invited to participate at the international Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Seismic Design Competition hosted in Los Angeles, California. The team competed against universities from North America, Europe, and Asia, showcasing our professionalism and engineering expertise in structural, geotechnical, seismic, and architectural concepts. The team designed, analyzed, and constructed a scaled balsa wood structure to survive historic earthquake motions while being environmentally and economically efficient. In order to encourage membership in the team, there are no applications or to attend workshops and meetings; all students are welcome to come and learn about various Seismic Engineering topics from our guest lecturers, including geotechnical properties, modelling in SAP2000, and architectural design.

To get contact students can like our Facebook Page (McMaster EERI Seismic Design Team) or even Email us at . To get involved students can look out for announcements on our Facebook page and posters around JHE and BSB.


Formula Electric

MAC formula electric is a student run team at McMaster that designs, manufactures and races a fully electric formula style racecar for competition all around the world. The car is capable of impressive acceleration and handling through use of advanced electric motors and lightweight manufacturing methods. Members have a chance to take part in the engineering process from design to manufacturing and everything in-between, on all aspects of the car. Students from any faculty or engineering discipline are welcome to join, providing an opportunity for anyone to take part in making a high performance racecar!

You can contact us at and visit our website, .

Baja Racing Team

The McMaster Baja Racing Team is a group of undergraduate engineering students who each year work together to design, build, and test a small off-road vehicle which we use to compete in the SAE BAJA student engineering competition. Every year the team competes in at least one official competition attended by over a hundred schools from all over the world as well as several unofficial competitions. Baja is a great way to make friends, learn practical engineering knowledge, apply concepts, get your hands dirty and of course pad your resume. New members are always welcome.

McMaster Concrete Toboggan

The McMaster Engineering Concrete Toboggan Team competes every year are the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR). This event is the oldest and largest Canadian engineering competition, bringing together over 20 universities annually from across Canada and the US. The most important rule of GNCTR is anything touching the snow must be made out of concrete. Every year our team builds a toboggan designed to race five riders down a ski hill, and must have a roll-cage, concrete skis, as well as steering and braking systems. In addition, each team must have a theme that is portrayed through their toboggan and technical exhibition. At GNCTR, teams can score points in both technical and spirit categories, such as theoretical design, performance, toboggan display, and team costume. In recent years, the competition has been held in Kelowna BC, Ottawa ON, Winnipeg MB, and Waterloo ON. This year our team is gearing up to head to Edmonton AB in January 2019. Whether you’re looking to up your toboggan game or gain experience in technical design, no other team brings the spirit that we do! Students from all disciplines are welcomed and encouraged to join the team. For more information contact, visit, or check out our Instagram page @getmectt. So come by, sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride!

McMaster Solar Car

A foot above the ground, driving down the highway at 85 km/h, feeling the raw power of a toaster! If any of that makes you feel all tingly inside, consider joining the solar car team, where we put the word ‘engineering’ to the test. Work alongside people from various years, programs, faculties, and members of industry as you design and build a truly one-of-a-kind solar car that reaches highway speeds on less power than it takes to run your microwave oven. Join us as we race teams from around the world across the Australian Outback and the United States.

Our team meets in subgroups every week and designs/builds various subsystems of the car, such as the carbon fibre body, the high efficiency solar cell array, and the suspension and steering systems. We are always looking for dedicated new people to join our team.

Having just completed the FSGP 2015 event in Austin, TX, we are eager to get back to work in improving our existing car Spitfire, attending community based events, and collaborating on new design ideas for the next solar car that will be built.


We’re a collaborative student tech community at McMaster University. We run tech socials, workshops and other technology events. We’re open to people of all levels of experience in coding and from any faculty.