Q. How Do I Pay My Tutor?

When a student is ready to make a payment, they must add money to their account using a credit card or via PayPal. They can add credit to their account under billing settings: https://helphub.me/settings/billing. Students can choose exactly how much they want to add to their account.

Once a student has added money to their account, they can pay you by navigating to your profile and clicking the “Pay” in your profile picture. They can also use the “Pay” button in the chat box as well. The student can choose a payment option using drop down menu or select “Other” to send a custom payment. The payment will automatically be transferred to the tutor’s account balance.

Q. How Do I Get Paid?

A. Tutors send a “pay me” button to the tutee using the chat function. The tutee clicks on the button and is brought to a payment page where they can pay with the coupon and a payment method of their choice.

All payments will be automatically transferred to your Paypal account after five business days. To set up your PayPal payments, make sure you’ve included the email address associated with your PayPal account in your settings: https://helphub.me/settings/payments.

There are two options for accepting HelpHub PayPal payments.

1. PayPal Sent Every 5 Days

You can choose to collect all payments as they occur. This will automatically send you a PayPal payment five business days after every HelpHub payment.

2. Defer My Payments

By deferring payments, you can build up a higher balance. This is ideal if you want to receive one larger deposit rather than receiving multiple payments of a lower value.

If you have any questions, please email saap@macengsociety.ca.