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Check Out The Drain on Ruffneck Scarves

Hey Mac Eng!

Everyone was really excited about the new scarves The Drain brought in this past winter including the suppliers, Ruffneck Scarves. They asked Jeff and Steph to write about their experience with the orders and it looks like we’ve been featured on their new website. Check it out here.

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National Mining Competition!

Hey Mac Eng!

Check out this amazing opportunity to get involved and to improve/apply the problem-solving skills you have developed so far in your engineering undergrad. the National Mining Competition 2014 held from Thursday, October 29th until Monday, November 3rd in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is open to innovative students like you! More info @ and

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact! Perfect opportunity to network and to gain experience.

If interested, please fill out the form below:

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McMaster EngiQueers Patches!

Hi Everyone!

This June 29th, our newest affiliate – the McMaster EngiQueers – will be attending the 2014 World Pride Parade in Toronto! They are currently raising money by selling patches for $5. If you are interested in purchasing a patch or volunteering for the club, please email


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ESSCO AGM Volunteer Sign-up

The Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario is hosting their Annual General Meeting at McMaster University from May 29th to June 1st 2014. This event will be hosted around campus and the surrounding community. We need lots of Mac Students to help make this event a huge success! If you are available and would like to volunteer please fill out the form below. If you have any about the conference or volunteering please contact Erin Middaugh at

ESSCO AGM Volunteer Sign-up

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A Fun & Easy Way to Get Involved!

It’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do next year. If you’re finishing up First Year and are looking for a way to get involved that doesn’t require a huge time commitment or if you’re in your upper years and want to get involved with the MES but don’t know how, here are a couple of ways to do so.

Applications and sign ups for MEC Executive, Swag Squad, Yearbook CommitteeSocial Committee and Culture Committee are now open! Check out a description below for each.

MEC Executive
Are you looking to get involved in the MES during the summer and first term? Do you want to help plan the BIGGEST Engineering competition McMaster University has next year? Are you tired of winning and want to put your experiences to improve the competition? WE WANT YOU!

The McMaster Engineering Competition Co-Chairs are looking to assemble the most capable, hardworking, dedicated and innovative organizers to help us in planning the best MEC yet.

Application: MEC Executive!
Deadline: April 28th 2014

Jeff & Sami
MEC Co-Chairs


Swag Squad
Do you have any fresh ideas for Drain Swag? Do you want to get involved more with the MES? If so, The Drain is looking for committed volunteers to join the D.R.A.I.N. Swag Squad!

What is the Swag Squad, you say? The Swag Squad is the new version of Drain Volunteers. Just like the old volunteers, Swag Squad members will have to hold down the fort for a couple of hours a week. You can chill on the snazzy Drain computer, do some work and of course serve the wonderful MES members that come and buy awesome swag! What’s new is that the Swag Squad will be a smaller team that will have more say towards new swag items and Drain Specials!

Applications: Swag Squad Application!
Deadline: April 22nd 2014

Mike & Steph
Drain Coordinators


Yearbook Committee
Every year, the MES prepares a yearbook for the McMaster Engineering graduates and returning students. The Yearbook Committee is responsible for planning and compiling the yearbook and is now accepting application from creative, enthusiastic and dedicated people – like YOU!

Now is your chance to get involved with a high-energy, interdisciplinary team that is passionate about creating a great yearbook.

Application: Yearbook Committee!
Deadline: April 28th 2014

Yearbook Editor


Culture Committee
Are you interested in getting involved? Do you like Fun, Shenanigans, and our society’s cUlture? Then culture committee is the perfect position for you! Our mission is to keep the culture of Mac Eng alive and we have butt loads of fun doing it.

Applications: Culture Committee Application!
Deadline: April 29th 2014

Culture Coordinator


Social Committee
Do you like fun things? I bet you do!
If you want to help organize some new and old MES events for next year sign up for the Social Committee!

Application: Social Committee Application!
Deadline: April 30th 2014

AVP Events

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