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MES Essay Competition

Do you have an idea for a sustainable future? Write an essay describing your ideas to engineering a greener future!


The winner will be awarded $100, and will have their submission published on the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario website.


Climate change is fated to be one of the major challenges that our generation will be required to overcome. Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, growing acidification of oceans and retreating glaciers are all evidence that climate change is occurring, rapidly. As future engineers, it is our ethical responsibility to conceive methods with which to combat the damage we have done. Through innovative technology, strategies and societal changes, we can make a difference.

The focus of your essay must be a cause or effect of climate change of your own choosing. You must report on this phenomena and present a practical solution. Consider how your solution may be implemented, both socially and economically. What obstacles would need to be overcome in order impose your solution in the real world? Finally, what are the benefits and hindrances of your solution?


A final copy of your essay must be submitted online and in person by March 19th. There is a word count of 2000 to 3000. Include your name, MAC ID and student number. Please submit your hard copy to the MES office in the blue lounge, and e-mail your soft copy to Limit your submissions to one per student.

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MES General Elections & Appointed Positions!

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Check out the blurbs for select elected candidates. Appointed positions will remain open until after the close of elections.

Hi everyone,

Just when you thought the MES couldn’t get anymore exciting, it’s time for general elections and appointed positions!

The schedule is as follows, with position availability following:

  • Nomination Period – February 20th to February 27th (5PM)
  • Campaign Period – March 2nd to March 11th
  • Polling Days – March 12th to March 13th (10PM)

Elected Positions

Hey Mac Eng! Check out the statements from candidates below. Feel free to contact current position holders through their respective email address.

  • Executive
    • Vice President Student Life
      • Taya Burzynski
        • Hello McMaster Engineering! My name is Taya Burzynski and I am elated at the possibility of becoming your next VP Student Life.Currently, I am in my third year of Civil Engineering & Society. My various MES positions have been First Year Representative, Fireball Coordinator and most currently, AVP Services and Productions. I have been an Engineering Welcome Week Representative and have written script for the McMaster Engineering Musical for my past two years with Mac Eng and have assisted in planning conferences on campus for ESSCO.

          I have a great sense of the ins and outs of campus and event planning due to my varied experience with EOHSS, Housing & Conference Services and Hospitality Services. During my time as VP Student Life, I hope to accomplish the following goals:

          • Increase MES reach. It is important to recognize that some social media venues are becoming out-dated and a serious revamp to the website is in order. In addition, incoming students use different social media outlets than older students and it is important to recognize that we may need to start an Instagram account.
          • Launch a “36 Hour Mental Health Awareness” Campaign targeting engineering students and their specific needs, promoting conversation, eradicating stigma and having a guest lecturer.
          • Continue to provide MES Link in the new shorter style, which is more successful, and continuing its simple response form for council members.

          If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at or post on my Facebook event page and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about my campaign!

      • Vanessa Raponi
        • Hey Mac Eng, my name is Vanessa Raponi, and I’m thrilled to be running for VP Student Life this year! I’ve been in love with the community since the day I set foot on campus. It’s extremely important to me to volunteer my time in a way that will contribute to the success of others. I’ve always felt extremely comfortable, encouraged, and supported through the initiatives run by the MES, and it’s long past due for me to contribute to the council in a more significant way.The 3 main goals I have for this role are:
          • Mentorship Program
          • Creating a formalized program pairing upper year students with first years to be piloted for the upcoming year. This would expand on the Ask an Undergraduate Engineer program currently offered through the MES.
          • MES Census
          • An annual census to gain insights on the specific needs, concerns and questions from the Mac Eng population. A prize incentive for completion would be included.
          • Non-Academic Transcript
          • Make significant strides towards having a formally recognized record of extra-curricular activities for those who partake in them. This would be based around similar initiatives that have been successful across Canada.

          I have created a website – – where I go into more detail about all of the above, and more! I highly encourage you to check it out and ask me any and all questions you may have on the content. Please feel free to email me at, add me on Facebook, or stop me when you see me to discuss anything and everything MES. I will also be making short, informal vlogs on a daily basis that you can access through my website and my Facebook campaign page found here: Have a great day, and stay classy Mac Eng!

    • Vice President Academic
      • Mitchell Kurnell
        • My name is Mitchell Kurnell and I am running for Vice President Academic of the MES. In the past, I have held the positions of First Year Representative and Director of Public Relations. As VP Academic, I want to improve the McMaster Engineering Competition to the level of other school’s competitions. This will be accomplished by first drafting a report outlining what other schools do in order to learn from others. Secondly, the SAAP program needs to be further built upon. Our previous VP Academics created a great base, but I believe it can still be improved. Lastly, I want to hear from you! By creating various avenues for academic feedback, I will work with the faculty to hear and act on the concerns of students. Please visit my campaign page at to view my platform and to pose any questions you may have.

    • Vice President External Relations
      • Andrew Cook
        • Hello, I am Andrew Cook and I want to be your VP External Relations. Within my two years here at Mac I’ve been to several conferences and events held by The Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario (ESSCO), The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), PEO and external schools. I have taken a particular interest in ESSCO and CFES, these organisations have incredible potential to create change in engineering and benefit students across Canada. My goal, if I were to be elected as VP External Relations, is to mandate ESSCO and CFES to provide more services to their students and perform more outreach activities. I will push for greater ESSCO presence in engineering societies and hope to create a representative position in the MES. I will overhaul national engineering month by adding more networking events, speaker panels and competitions. I believe these changes can transform ESSCO and CFES into more well-known organisations and will provide them will leverage to begin lobbying. I will start an initiative to give MES members easy access to personalized business cards. Finally, I will reach out the PEO and OSPE to organize more information sessions and networking events. I will represent the MES to outside organizations with a high degree of professionalism and discretion. I hope to make a visible difference for you, the MES, ESSCO and the CFES.
    • Vice President Finance & Administration
      • Richard Elliott
      • Matthew Vukovic
        • Hey everyone!My name is Matt Vukovic and I’m running to be your VP Finance next year! Over the past year I have had a large exposure to the recent financial policy changes, in addition to the MES financial process in general.

          If elected, I plan to work with the Faculty to implement a room booking system for MES students in order to make it easier to book lecture halls and tutorial rooms. Other faculties such as Science already have systems like this set up for the rooms in the Science buildings, so having a centralized system through which MES students can book Engineering building rooms (JHE, ETB, ITB) makes perfect sense.

          Also, based on suggestions I have heard from MES groups and teams I would like to improve the process by which they receive funding. The main goal of this would be to reduce having to reimburse large amounts of money to groups or teams, while at the same time maintaining a high level of accountability and transparency and adhering to accounting guidelines for NFPOs. It will be a challenge to find a good compromise between accountability and ease of transaction, but I am confident that I can get it done right.

          Lastly, I plan to continue to promote the special projects fund (which found great success this past year), and I intend to improve on the efficiency of my predecessor in processing expense reports and sending out cheques.

          Thanks for reading this far into my platform! If you have any questions, feel free to stop me if you see me around on campus, or send me an email at Voting is March 12-13, and I hope you all cast your ballots!

  • Associate Vice Presidents
    • Associate Vice President Administration
      • Dhruv Aggarwal
        • Hey guys, My name is Dhruv Aggarwal and I am currently a 2nd year Mechatronics Engineering and Management student. I welcome an opportunity to contribute to the work of McMaster Engineering Society in an AVP Administration Position. I have been a dedicated member of the MES and have been an active participant in events held by the MES. If elected, I would bring to this position the knowledge I have gained in various leadership roles outside. The role of an AVP Admin is to keep all MES records up to date and be responsible for MES Meetings, Council Appreciation Awards and 
Presidents Award(s) for Fireball. 
I have been a part of many events and clubs, which include: McMaster Outreach Volunteer, Eco-Car3 Member, and MEC & OEC Participant. Through all this experience I would like to take on the position of AVP Admin. This role requires a lot of persistence, organization, communication and time management skills, which are the abilities; I obtain to take upon this position.
    • Associate Vice President Events
      • Alexandria Crump
        • My name is Alie Crump, and I want to be your next AVP Events. This past year I’ve been serving as the AVP Administration for the MES as well as being a part of the MES Social Committee. I thoroughly enjoyed helping organizing events including Love Pub and Graffiti night. I am an easy going and approachable person and want to make everyone’s time here at Mac Eng fun and exciting. As your AVP Events I want to increase event attendance by lowering ticket prices and combined faculty events, and build relationships with more venues.Vote Alie Crump for AVP Events!
    • Associate Vice President Clubs & Sponsorship
      • Victoria Wojciechowska
        • How do you measure success? To me, success means putting in work with the expectation of its multiplication. Being a First Year Rep, I’ve learned to thoroughly know and love the MES and all it offers to me as a student and individual. The logical extension is to channel this love into further work with the MES, which benefits myself, my peers, and the organization itself. I believe my penchant for organization and people skills best translate into success in the position of AVP Clubs & Sponsors. If elected, I will emphasize efficiency, proficiency, and transparency in my endeavours. This includes maintaining running records of external sponsors affiliated with the MES and improving organization of digital/physical records. I prize innovation and will explore opportunities for bridged sponsorship with other engineering societies. Working alongside the Director of PR, I plan to implement new charity events and extend the reach and benefits of EngFest 2015 through joint, extended promotional efforts. It’s important to me that I maintain working relationships established by my predecessors with clubs and committees I will chair/oversee while still seeking ways to implement efficiency in our interactions. With this in mind, I am currently beginning the development process for a calendar system that will be made available to MES Council and said clubs. This customizable calendar will function on an email-subscription basis and house all MES event information, linking personal accounts to meetings via email where individual availabilities can be inputted into the digital event space. Alerts for events will be set on an individual or “opt-in” category basis (e.g. “Civil Engineering” events) and can be received via email or text.  This will include direct syncing to your preferred/McMaster account Google calendar. I hope I bring a solid repertoire to the table and you vote Victoria Wojciechowska this term!

    • Associate Vice President Services & Productions
      • Erika Ibrajev
        • I’m a third year Civil Engineering & Society student running for the position of AVP Services and Productions in the MES. Aside from occupying the lounge and calculating Fnet = 0, I am very passionate about the McMaster Engineering community.For the last two years, I have held positions in the MES including Civil Engineering Department Representative and, more recently, as editor of the Frequency magazine. I am also an executive member of the Heavy Construction Student Chapter and the Engineering & Society Students Association.Over the past year, I published three volumes of the 32 page undergraduate magazine and worked hard conducting interviews, gaining readership, and writing articles. After winning the Council Appreciation Award for my work alongside my co-editor on the Frequency magazine, I would love to continue my involvement with the magazine and other publications as AVP Services and Productions.

          Check out my platform points:

          – More support and incentive for publications including the implementation of graphic design crash courses and dedicated software for editors

          – Creation of a photography director position to directly assist publications

          – Increased advertisement for publications: utilize the JHE lobby screens; expand Frequency stands to Thode library and BSB

          – Work in coordination with Outreach to distribute Frequency magazine to high schools

          – Work in coordination with UTS to implement “Campus Follow You” printer in the Blue Lounge

  • Directors
    • Director of Advertising
    • Director of Public Relations
      • Michael Meier
        • Hello, my name is Michael Meier and I am campaigning to be your Director of Public Relations for the 2015 – 2016 academic year. Over my first year at McMaster I have become a very active member of the MES. I am currently a First Year Rep and I am on this year’s Student and Professional Affairs Committee. I have developed a dedication to the engineering community at McMaster and I feel the best way to continue my service is through sustained involvement in the MES. My goal is for the world to see McMaster Engineering and those that it encompasses as the fantastic and welcoming community they are. Along with preserving the program’s traditional charity events, I aim to create many new charitable initiatives. Another one of my ideas is to start up a new program that pairs faculty reps and first years together in order to make the transition from highschool to university less challenging. I would also like to make an effort towards sustainability in my position from year to year to ensure that new events that are initiated live on. As Director of Public Relations I will show that McMaster Engineering’s reputation is not defined by the past, but is represented by the mature, innovative, and enthusiastic students our community is made up of.Vote for Mike, find his bike!
    • Director of Sport
      • Francesco Vito
        • Hi Mac Eng,My name is Francesco Vito and I’m running to be your next director of sports with the MES. I’m running for this position not only because I love playing sports, but also because I would love to organize and promote opportunities for all of us to get involved in sports next year. I played on an intramurals soccer team this year, and I found it was a great way to relieve stress from the intensity of engineering. If I am elected, I will promote many different sport related activities: whether it is sport intramurals, engineering sport teams, or maybe just some group bowling nights, I would make sure every engineer would hear about it. In addition, because I was a part of the Sports Committee this year as a first year rep, I can appreciate the importance of funding intramural engineer teams. This funding is a great incentive for engineers to play sports, and if I am elected, I would make sure these teams got the money on time, so they can enjoy their year playing intramural sports.

          Lastly, if I was the new director of sports, I would like to promote some new events, while still maintaining traditional events like Assassins and Ratboy. These new events would include things like Capture the flag games, flag football, or maybe even an engineering basketball or dodgeball tournament.

          So remember when you go to vote, VOTE VITO!

  • Department Representatives
    • Chemical
      • Caitlin McNeil
    • Civil
      • Mike Sucharda
        • My name is Mike Sucharda and I am running for the position of MES Civil Department Representative. I have held this position for the 2014-2015 school year. As part of my role, I have represented the Civil department club at MES meetings (and vice versa) conveying information between the two councils. A few notable achievements as part of my role this past year are that I organized two Civil Ratboy soccer tournament teams last April and also helped with Civil t-shirt and Festivus (Civil formal) ticket sales this past fall.  I hope to continue to work closely with both the MES and the Civil department club to improve the student experience of all Civil Eng students. If you have any questions or comments please don’t be afraid to ask me in person, find me on facebook, or you can reach me by email at Thanks!
    • Computing & Software
    • Electrical & Computer
      • Niloufar Keshmiri
        • Hello fellow McMaster Engineers!My name is Niloufar Keshmiri and I am running to be your Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Representative. I am currently in my second year of Electrical Engineering and Management. I am a member of the ECES council and I am familiar with the concerns of the ECE students. If elected, I will do everything I can to ensure that the ECE students are informed about all social and academic events ran by the MES by using various social media platforms as well as encourage them to get involved within the community. I will be open to suggestions and opinions regarding events and activities ran during the year.

          Another one of my ideas is to initiate more workshops that will help students with future courses as well as their Capstone Project. I am also planning on running more Programming competitions with other engineering departments such as Software and Mechatronics in order to allow students to gain more experience as well as get involved within the McMaster Engineering Society. I will do everything in my ability to make sure the concerns or interests of all ECE students are addressed.

          If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me through my email at

    • Materials
    • Mechanical
      • David Tweg
    • Mechatronics
      • Taylor Stewart
    • Physics
  • Program Representatives
    • Bioengineering (BEAMS)
      • Cristina Alfano
    • Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech; 8 month term, until December 2015)
      • Carley Gordon
        • Hey Guys!

          My Name is Carley Gordon and I am running to be your B-Tech representative. I am in first year biotechnology and I would be great for this position because I love getting involved and encouraging others to make the most of what McMaster and the McMaster Engineering Society has to offer. If elected, I would do my best to keep you informed about the events and opportunities available through our B-Tech program and MES, and how you too can get involved, through class announcements, social media or posters around campus. I want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and how you can participate.  Through this I hope to promote a sense of a community within our program and the MES.  I consider myself a very approachable person, and would love for you to give me feedback so I can voice your opinion. I hope to have your vote on March 12-13th and if you see me around campus or in class feel free to ask any questions about what I can do as your representative!

    • Computer Science
      • Ryan Lambert
    • Management
    • Society
      • Becca Weatherall
        • The Engineering and Society program aims to bring the complex changes in technology and its interactions with people together. My goal as the Engineering and Society Representative is to bring the complex inner workings of the McMaster Engineering Society and the Engineering and Society student body closer together.Over the past three years I have been committed to a variety of extracurricular activities which has allowed me to become more connected to the engineering student body as a whole. This past year I was the Director of Sport for the MES Council. Through this position I assisted the student body in receiving funding for intramurals, and organized a wide variety of activities such as soccer-baseball, and salsa dancing, in hopes to engage a unique variety of students within the faculty. I am also a member of both the Social Committee and the McMaster Baja team. Through both of these activities I have made connections with a vast group of unique individuals. By participating in the above committees and teams, I have been able to achieve my goal of helping others get more out of the activities they are involved in.

          So why should I be your Engineering and Society Rep? I want to start by saying because I love what the Engineering and Society program represents, and the opportunities it provides for our student body. I also want to emphasize my love for the unique student community that the Engineering and Society program has created. I will continue to build on the foundation we have created through various social activities such as pot lucks, Christmas present exchanges, industry nights, and the oh-so delicious sushi nights. Choose me to be your Engineering and Society Rep so I can continue to bring community enhancing activities to you!

      • Alba Bolanos

Appointed Positions

Appointed positions serve a crucial roll in the management and logistics of the organization. Unlike their elected counterparts, there is no election component. Following the application period interviews will be arranged with prospective candidates. In order to apply please submit an appointed application form as well as an appointed responsibility contract to me ( or CRO mailbox, BLUE Lounge) before the February 27th deadline. All of the positions can be found in section A6 of the Policy Manual; feel free to contact the current position holders via their respective email.

  • Elections / Misc.
    • Chief Returning Officer (CRO)
  • Coordinators
    • BLUE Lounge Coordinator
    • Culture Coordinator
    • Drain Coordinator
    • Fireball Coordinator
    • Information Technology (IT) Coordinator
    • Kipling Coordinator
    • McMaster Engineering Competition (MEC) Coordinator
    • Trailer Maintenance Coordinator
    • Student Academic Assistance Program (SAAP) Coordinator
    • Academic Resources Coordinator (ARC)
  • Editors
    • Plumbline Editor
    • Yearbook Editor
    • Frequency Editor

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Cheers and good luck,

Brian Jamieson

CRO 2014-2015


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Welcome Week Rep 2015 Information!

Hey Mac Eng!

This is your one-stop spot for all that is Welcome Week 2015! This page will be updated as any new information is released, so keep checking back!

Your Orientation Committee:
Julia “EFRT” Miller – Civil Mgmt II
Rachel “Giggles” Lim – Elec-Biomed II
Neilson “Socially Mediated” MacPhee – Elec-Biomed III
Taya “Ballroom Bait” Burzynski – Civil Scty III
Michael “T.S.” Tibay – Mech Mgmt III
Danielson “Pavlov’D” Lee Kim – Civil Mgmt III
Alex “Fob Job” Kobylecky – Matls Scty IV
Alexandruh “Country Girl” Fraser – Matools Scty IV
Jendian North-West “W.G. Wasted”  Mills – Biotech IV
Bryan David “Apple Tart” Williams – Chem Scty IV
Trevor Gerald “Chainsaw Symphony” Bruce – Civil Scty V
Steph “Smackerel” Elder – Civil Mgmt V
Jeff “Mad Wrapper” Jordison – Siv-old Mgmt V
Nicholas Maurice “Swamp Snatch” Simard – Elec-Biomed IV
Michael Booboo “One and Done” Williams – Elec-Biomed IV

T.Burzy: Vegetarian
Julia Millz: Lactose intolerant
Rachey Rach Lim: Please see the attached. (good luck)

Rep Application:
Frosh Controller Application 2015 (Hard Copy)
Frosh Controller Application 2015 (Soft Copy)

Tryout Dates & Signup:
March 13th, 14th, 15th. Please see the sign-up schedule in the BLUE Lounge (JHE 121) to schedule your group (4-6 member) tryout time! Tryouts may run late, so plan to be free for 1-2 hours after your time slot!
If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances and cannot find a group or are unable to make the March 13th weekend, please email us!

If you have ANY questions at all, if you missed Info Sessions and would like another run through the down-low, or if you’re feeling a little lonely, please contact Nick & Mike at, or ask one of our lovely Committee members! Muah!

Nick Simard & Mike Williams
Co-Orientation Coordinators 2015

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Presidential Election Results


Hello everyone,

Congratulations to Ryan Rogers for becoming your 2014-2015 MES President! With Fireball behind us the official results can be released. A special thank you to Steph Elder and Richard Elliott  for taking the time to run and raise awareness for the organization; without dedicated volunteers such as yourselves the MES would be a shell of of itself. With that said the voting numbers can be seen below; I am happy to announce that this year saw over 800 ballots cast! Voter turnout was 17.9% compared to 12.7% from the year prior. First round vote counts are displayed below (380 required to elect an option):

  • Rogers, Ryan: 466
  • Elder, Stephanie: 203
  • Elliot, Richard: 59
  • Reject: 30
  • Abstain: 76
  • Total: 834

Thanks again to the candidates and everyone who voted. Stay tuned for the upcoming general elections! As always, if there are any questions regarding the election process please send me an email and I will respond.


Brian Jamieson

MES CRO (2014-2015)

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Vote MES President Now!



Voting is now online! Check your McMaster email for how to instructions.


For those of you who want to meet and greet with the presidential candidates please stop by the BLUE Lounge on Tuesday, January 27th at 10:30AM. Unfortunately our wonderful candidates are busy people and there was not time for a formal debate, so be sure to use this as an opportunity for discussion with them.

Hello everyone,

Please see the candidate information below. Three candidates are running for the position of MES president:  Stephanie Elder (Civ & Mgmt V), Richard Elliott (BTech Auto IV),and Ryan Rogers (Mech & Mgmt III).

Stephanie Elder

Hello Mac Eng!

My name is Steph Elder and I’m running to become your president for the upcoming year. What I want to do is keep the MES moving forward, cultivating the current services that we offer our students. As students we all know how hectic it can be throughout the year, which is why I want to focus on new, practical initiatives that will fit with your busy schedules and hopefully make them a little easier.

Who’s That Chick?

I’m in my 5th year of Civil and Management. My involvement within the MES ranges from Vice President Student Life to Drain Co-coordinator, as well as extensive involvement with our Welcome Week reps. The role of president is essentially there to voice and advocate on behalf of your opinions. My experience gives me a very strong foundation to fight for what matters to you.

Don’t Mess With a Good Thing

The MES has grown and developed extremely positively, even within the past few years. We have one of the strongest and most professional student societies not only within McMaster but also across Ontario. Why mess with that? A lot of new initiatives and services were implemented this year and I want to work to keep them going. There are two initiatives in particular I want to support those being the EngDeals and the Board of Advisors. More details are available in my full platform.

Lean On Me

I want to be there for you, I want to make your lives a little bit simpler, and I want you to enjoy your time here at Mac. To do so I plan on implementing 3 new services; Engineering Electronic Calendars, Academic Group Collaboration Space and a Carpool Interface.

Engineering Electronic Calendars

I plan on implementing calendars tailored for MES Events, Academics, Clubs & Teams and even Campus Wide Events which you can subscribe to, allowing you to always know what’s coming up without having to look any further than your daily calendar.

Academic Group Collaboration Space

I will work with the libraries and faculty to find group work spaces that are available to book exclusively for engineering students, with the hope that you can focus on the project itself rather than administration.

Carpool Interface

An all-new online space where our members can connect and find other engineers who are traveling to the same locations. Not only does it make your morning commute a little less lonely, but you can also take advantage of HOV lanes and splitting travel costs.

Thank you for taking a look at my platform points and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at

Please take a look at my full platform on Facebook ( to find out more about what I plan to do for you.

Have a wonderful day.

Steph Elder

Richard Elliott

My name is Richard Elliott. I have been an active member in the McMaster Engineering Society for the past several years and a very active member in the MES affiliated clubs and teams during that time. I have long looked on from the outside as a member of the MES and seen areas of great strength, as well as areas of great weakness. I have taken notice of practices that work, as well as ones which do not. I have decided that this knowledge that I have amassed over my career at McMaster will prove beneficial to the Society as I would be able to lead it in a better direction, implementing new policies and altering old ones, in order to improve member participation in decision making, as well as member participation in the great number of resources and activities which the MES has to offer. These services and programs have been developed by past MES executive teams, however I feel that they are greatly underutilized. I intend to raise awareness of these programs and services so that members of the MES know what is available to them. I also intend on improving these programs by updating some of the older services which the MES offers; such as our video camera loan and our commerce funding programs to name two. I feel that programs such as these are unknown by the general MES population, and that they can be expanded in order to encourage greater use.

I also intend to, as mentioned above, improve membership participation in decision making. This is a focus for me, as I believe not many members are aware of how policies are created and what is going on in the decision making process. I am a strong believer in the philosophy that two heads are better than one and by improving the number of people that give input on decisions, I strongly believe that better decisions can be made.

I believe that the MES is currently in a state of “GOOD”, However, Good isn’t good enough!

I wish you all the best of luck in the coming term. Study hard.


Richard Elliott

Ryan Rogers

Dear McMaster Engineering Students,

My name is Ryan Rogers, I’m a third year Mechanical and Management student and am currently running for MES President. During the past three years at McMaster I have been heavily involved in the MES fulfilling roles such as Vice President External, Associate Vice President of Clubs and Sponsors as well as First Year Representative.  These experiences have helped me gain a strong appreciation for the student society and the community it represents.

As President I hope to accomplish many things including the continuity and innovation of the society’s current agenda. The MES has done a fantastic job of creating new services and events over the past years and I hope to improve on these while continuing to introduce new initiatives.


Card Program

  • I’d like to expand the MESCard Program so that it offers deals to not only to small campus businesses but also academic retailers and industry suppliers. Some examples of these businesses’s include McMaster Car for parts and supplies as well as MathWorks for software packages.

Professional Development Video Series

  • Over the past month I’ve been working with current MES industry contacts to create a professional development video series that teaches resume, interview and networking skills. If President, I hope to build on this by creating a database of educational content to give students a competitive edge when entering the workforce.


E Week

  • Over the past few years enrolment at McMaster Engineering has grown immensely leading to not only an increase in size, but also an increase in the quality of education received. These increases have given McMaster a reputation as one of the best engineering schools in not just the province, but the entire country. This reputation is worthy of a celebration that is unique to the culture and success of our faculty. “E-Week” would consist of a variety of social and academic events, guest speakers and an intra-departmental competition showcasing Mac Eng’s spirit to the rest of the school.

Student Wellness Position

  • Engineering students have stressful degrees. From weekly midterms to multiple four-unit courses, school can sometimes get the better of any individual. I believe it’s of the upmost importance that MES addresses this by establishing a position that targets student wellness. The MES is well equipped to provide resources to its members to actively and pre-emptively cope with stress throughout the school year. This position would work in tandem with the Student Wellness Centre to utilize existing services offered and develop new peer support initiatives.

Thank you for your time, if you have any questions please feel free to speak with me in person or reach me by email at The above points are a small portion of my platform, for a complete list of points as well as my relevant experience and candidate bio please visit

Best regards,

Ryan Rogers

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