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Le Drain Swag Squad Applications

Do you have any Mac Eng swag ideas? Do you want to get involved more with the MES? If so, The Drain is looking for committed volunteers to join the D.R.A.I.N. Swag Squad!

What do you do on the Swag Squad? On the Swag Squad, volunteers will hold 2-4 Drain hours a week selling swag and tickets, have by-weekly meetings regarding new swag and be encouraged to come up with new swag ideas as well as learning how to make those ideas into reality. With the Swag Squad, you will get experience with running a small business by learning about managing finances, sales, and inventory!

If you think you may want to be a Drain Coordinator in the future, a position such as this would be a great stepping stone.

We want YOU to join the SWAG SQUAD today! Applications are due Thursday April 30th by midnight. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Drain Volunteer Application


Please drop off your application in the Drain mailbox in the BLUE lounge JHE 121

Michelle Smith & Sebastian Mendez
Drain Coordinators 2015/16
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Hatch Centre Steering Committee Student Representative

The Hatch Centre Steering Committee is intended to function during the planning, design and construction of the building. The Hatch Centre Steering Committee began meeting in the start of 2013 and meets over the summers. After the building has been completed, the steering committee will no longer be needed. The steering committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Develop and approve overall scope and user requirements for the building within the approved budget.
  2. Consolidate input from various sources concerning sustainability features and prioritize which features are to be incorporated into the actual building.
  3. Provide input and advice to the Project Architect and Design Consultants.
  4. Receive and consider input from the Experiential Learning Task Force concerning the experiential learning activities for which space and facilities are required.

There will be two students who will sit on the steering committee alongside the MES President, the Dean of Engineering, and various Faculty Members. There is currently one opening for a Student Representative on the Hatch Centre Steering Committee.

Hatch Centre Steering Committee Student Representatives will co-chair the Hatch Centre User-group Committee meetings in which any MES member can attend to provide input on the building. In this way the Student Representatives will lesion input from the general MES membership to the Hatch Centre Steering Committee. The Student Representatives’ terms will continue indefinitely until building completion.

The Student Representatives  have to be able to attend meetings multiple times per month and be able to attend most summer meetings via teleconferencing if not able to attend in person.

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please contact Mitchell Kurnell at

Follow the link below for the application form.

Hatch Centre Steering Committee Student Representative Application Form

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Student Wellness Committee

Applications for the Student Wellness Committee are now open! In alignment with the McMaster Engineering Society’s new objective to take a more effective stance on student wellness and mental health awareness the student wellness committee is being piloted for the 2015-2016 school year.

Led by two co chairs the committee will work closely with the Student Wellness Centre and the Engineering Faculty to promote existing resources as well as create new services and events for engineering students. All interested applicants must fill out the google form linked to below. Please note that you may apply for the position of co-chair, committee member, or both. Applications close April 1st, if you have any questions, feel free to email Ryan Rogers at

Student Wellness Committee Application

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By-elections for Management, CAS, and Director of Advertising!


Hello everyone,

By-elections will be held in the near future for the listed positions. Please submit the linked nomination form to my mailbox before Wednesday at noon. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.


Brian Jamieson

CRO 2014-2015

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Appointed Positions for the 2015-2016 Year Close Monday!


Hello everyone,

Appointed position applications will close Monday at midnight. If you would like to be considered for one such position please have your application submitted to the CRO mailbox before midnight on said date.

Appointed positions serve a crucial roll in the management and logistics of the organization. Unlike their elected counterparts, there is no election component. Following the application period interviews will be arranged with prospective candidates. In order to apply please submit an appointed application form as well as an appointed responsibility contract. All of the positions can be found in section A6 of the Policy Manual; feel free to contact the current position holders via their respective email.

  • Elections / Misc.
    • Chief Returning Officer (CRO)
  • Coordinators
    • BLUE Lounge Coordinator
    • Culture Coordinator
    • Drain Coordinator
    • Fireball Coordinator
    • Information Technology (IT) Coordinator
    • Kipling Coordinator
    • McMaster Engineering Competition (MEC) Coordinator
    • Trailer Maintenance Coordinator
    • Student Academic Assistance Program (SAAP) Coordinator
    • Academic Resources Coordinator (ARC)
  • Editors
    • Plumbline Editor
    • Yearbook Editor
    • Frequency Editor


Brian Jamieson

CRO 2014-2015

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