Engineering Student DiscountAs an engineering student, you have access to a subsidy from the McMaster Engineering Society (MES). This includes seven sessions at half price. This discount will be automatically applied when you pay for the session.
Find 200+ TutorsSearch through our list of 200+ tutors to find the perfect tutor for you. Our tutors offer help in a variety of courses, based on which are being currently offered. Learn either in a 1-on-1 or a group session. More info down below.
Become a TutorTo provide tutoring services through the (UPTN), you must be a McMaster undergraduate student, and have completed & earned at least an A- (10.0) in the course(s) you want to tutor More info down below.
Find a Tutor
  1. Access the Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network on the TutorOcean platform
  2. Search for a tutor by course code (i.e. MATH 1A03)
  3. Read the tutor profiles that appear in the results. Tip: Find tutors who are “McMaster certified,” which means that they’ve completed our academics training workshop.
  4. Choose and chat with a tutor. If you feel comfortable that they can help you, set up an online or in-person tutoring session.
Become a Tutor
  1. Access the Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network on the TutorOcean platform
  2. Create a profile that includes codes for the courses
  3. Click to give our academic skills team access to your grades. We'll verify that you received at least an A- (10.0) grade in the course you want to tutor.
  4. Get familiar with the TutorOcean platform and wait to be contacted by students for a tutoring session. Once you've connected with a student, you'll be able to set up an online session that works for both of you.
  5. All tutors associated with the Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network agree to charge $15–$20 per hour. Every two weeks, TutorOcean will deposit the money you've earned to your credit card, PayPal or Stripe account. Please note that TutorOcean receives a 10% session fee.
Your feedback on how we can enhance our program is always important to us. Contact the Writing and Academic Skills team at [email protected].